Blogger Problems | How Much Is Too Much Sharing?

In all stages of blogging, there will come times of questioning how much we’re willing to share with our readers and social following. Obviously, you should be keeping your home address, phone number and bank accounts private, but are we all sharing too much else? Sometimes it can turn into a competition of who can be the most transparent, relatable and down-to-earth, or it can equally be the set up of something that will later come back to haunt you (you know, like anything you’ve ever put on the internet can… shout out to my 2010 Facebook activity).

Today, in the fourth instalment of my Blogger Problems series (which I am really enjoying writing FYI), I am going to be chatting about publicly oversharing and how it could affect each and every one of us, good or bad.

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Photo-29-01-2017-21-22-14 Blogger Problems | How Much Is Too Much Sharing?

So, when it comes to us bloggers, it’s expected to overshare every now and again. Maybe the majority of people don’t need to hear about how your cat weed outside its litter tray for the third time this week, but there we are tweeting about it anyway. Harmless – surely. But where do we start to draw the line? When sharing too many personal details or unfortunate situations can be dangerous. After all, we never really know who’s reading, do we?


Blogging can definitely get you a foot in the door some industries nowadays. As much good as running your own blog can do, it can do an equal amount of bad if you’re careless or clumsy with your content.

We’ve all heard the stories of people being fired over a controversial tweet or having to stop blogging to sign that new contract, but with blogging such a widely discussed hobby (or even full-time job) these days, are people still censoring themselves on the interweb?

Blogging completely freely can show your true potty-mouth (yeah, I’m 80), reveal that you’re not actually a 10/10 proofreader and can make your real 5-year-plan viewable in less that a few minutes (if you’ve blogged about goals and plans that is… like you know, most of us do).

Equally, however, someone can look at your blog and be completely astounded at the creativity you exude, your secret talent of being a true wordsmith, or be drawn into your community building methods. Blogging can literally be the decider for you getting that job, or losing it. 

With this in mind, how much do you think it’s acceptable to share on your blog about work, your career plan or your skillset? Is it worth being an open book, or should we all have something extra up our sleeves?


I remember when I first mentioned my boyfriend in a blog post (around a year ago – I wrote it booyyyyyfrriiieennnnnd), about a week later we had a massive wobble and spent a couple of days broken up. I was pretty embarrassed looking back at the blog post and felt that I had definitely jinxed it by writing ‘boyfriend’ in such an obnoxious manner.

Now we’re as strong as we’ve ever been I’m very confident about writing about him and our relationship, but my filter is still on high because, at the end of the day, things can change at the drop of a hat and I don’t want my unzipped lip to be the source of regret or embarrassment to anyone.

Things can be much the same with friendships and family relationships. It’s easy to drop people’s names into an anecdote, but by doing this you could also be dropping them in it, or speaking about them to strangers when they might prefer to stay private or anonymous.

I guess this falls quite nicely into the discussions surrounding publicising a relationship, romantic or platonic. We see it a lot on YouTube when friends have grown apart, or couple have broken up, and there are loads of questions and queries about sudden absences or changes in type in content.

Sharing your personal relationships online is a definite risk that we all decide upon. What are your opinions on publicising relationships?


People can be seriously funny about money. Whether they have it or they’re feeling the strain, you’re always going to ruffle some feathers when chatting income.

Although I think conversations about money should happen, is it ever really necessary to disclose what you’re earning or spending, or even what you think is too much or too little… I’m not sure it is.

Many bloggers have been up in arms lately about the tidal wave of designer products suddenly on our Bloglovin’ feeds and YouTube subscription boxes. It’s clear that many of these items cost a large sum of money, but that sum is hardly ever uttered in these videos and blog posts, do you think it should be?

Personally, I think if you’re talking about a product and you’re going to include an affiliate link to said product, then you should be telling people how much it cost you (if anything at all). Although saying this, I get why people keep their mouths shut. Because saying that you spent two grand on a handbag can ruffle people up, whereas just showing them a designer bag keeps the focus on the item.

Do you talk about money online? If so, then what made you speak up and if not, why not? (There’s no wrong or right answer, I’m just promoting discussion!).


I’d love to head your thoughts on whether we all share too much in this blogging world? Do you agree or disagree with any of my queries about oversharing, and what’s your general policy when in comes to sensitive information?

Chat to me in the comments, or hunt me down on Twitter or Instagram to start the conversation.

Sending happy thought your way,