Cleansing The Night Away

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AM skincare is so vital to how my skin acts throughout the day. Whilst evening routines are centered around deep cleansing, soothing and rehydration, it’s my morning skincare that can really make or break my face that day. When I’m using good, reliable products my skin feels smooth, soft, plump (in a well-hydrated way… mostly), and takes make up nicely; unfortunately in the past (before I realised what skin was supposed to feel like) my skin really was my downfall. Just a pre-tip for beauty in general really; if you think you need more expensive primers, foundations and concealers to make your base look better, start with your skin first – I mean invest in a few good products and play around a bit, when you get it right, everything looks better.

So… cleansing. In the morning I reserve my cleanse to wake me up, and to soothe and calm down my face (especially any pesky spots that showed themselves in the night). An old favourite is the Origins Clean Energy cleansing oil. Unlike my other oils, used for taking make up off, the strong (really strong) scent of this means it’s very energizing, something in the evenings, I’d rather be without. I have a full review of this little number from Origins, you can check that out, here.

A newer addition to my little bathroom shelf is Angels On Bare Skin, from LUSH. Although I’m not the biggest fan of lavender, I can’t argue with its soothing and anti-redness properties. Just a few days into use the gentleness of this cleanser was paying off, living well up to its claims of evening out skin tone and giving a natural glow. A little tricky to use, breaking a small piece off in your hands, mixing with warm water until more paste than solid, can be a little hasslesome. I have found myself dropping parts of the solid cleanser, and at other times not getting the consistency quite right (meaning it’s dropping off my face, or not sticking there to begin with). I for one, am in love with it even so. If you’re not a rusher in the mornings, it’s worth taking the extra minute to get this cleanser right, if you are a rusher, I’d go give it a smell anyway, the rose absolute, chamomile blue and lavender might change your mind.

Thank you for reading, I’d love to hear your favourite AM cleansers (since tidying up my skincare routine I’ve got a taste for new skincare products!). Let me know in the comments!