Confessions of a Blogaholic

Although I’m pretty sure that this is the millionth time that this post title has been used, I wanted to show up today and share some home truths about my current blogging-come-lady-of-leisure (apart from I’m skint and need a job ASAP) lifestyle.

Blogging can definitely be one of the more glamorous hobbies available. Weekday brunches, homeware shopping and Instagramming your shoes in your down time isn’t a bad way to live, but behind the polished Instagram and eloquent (I hope) write-ups is a whole host of shameful secrets kept hidden.

Whilst I know that I’m not alone in many of these confessions, I’ll happily take the bullet for any of you who want to keep these possibly embarrassing confessions to yourself. I’m just that kind of guy. However, if you do want to lessen my shame you could always leave a confession of your own in the comments… but, only if you really want to…. Lowe and behold my confessions of a blogaholic.

Photo-27-03-2017-16-31-50 Confessions of a Blogaholic

I Spend A Lot of Time in Pyjamas

Although I’ve never ventured to the post office or the local co-op in them, I do spend a lot of time in pyjamas when I’m at home. Whilst changing into your pyjamas after a tiring day is completely guilt-free, wearing them dawn till dusk is a little more shameful. Sure, everyone has lazy days, but my level of pyjama-ing has developed to uniform level rather.

I get up most days, make a cuppa and head straight to my desk and set up my socials for the day, very often this twenty minutes leads into two hours and I relate the productivity to my cosy PJ bottoms. It works for me now, but don’t get me wrong, one day I would like to wear grown up clothes… maybe.

I Often Skip the Proofreading

My mum is probably reading this rolling her eyes like, “Yeah Becky, I’ve noticed”. Skipping the proofread isn’t down to lack of time or laziness, it’s because I can get so caught up in what I’ve written that re-reading can get my perfectionist trait buzzing. Whilst I agree that good spelling and grammar can make the world of difference to an eloquent post, a couple of errors aren’t the end of the world.

My blog, probably much like yours, isn’t a polished magazine. We are the sole writers and editors and sometimes it’s better to knock something off of the to-do list before we lose our minds. My posts still (mostly) make sense though, right?

Avocado On Toast Never Hits the Spot

Avocado on toast, maybe with some fancy ham, maybe some chilli flakes and a poached egg, maybe scrambled. Avocado on toast is probably the most stereotypical ‘blogger’ food there is. I’m not the biggest fan, though.

Sure, it’s okay. I’ll eat it if it’s the only option available, but will I order it on a brunch date? No. Well, not anymore. I’ve had a couple of disappointments after ordering to then remember that I’m really not that into the green slimy fruit on my plate. I’m actually quite relieved to get this one off my chest… although I can feel the persecution coming already.

I Suffer From Blogger Envy (pretty bad)

I feel like admitting you’re envious of other bloggers is completely taboo. Whether it’s because they’re prettier than me, they’ve got sent some cool stuff or just because I think I’m a much better blogger and deserve the kind of attention they’re getting (usually when I’m in a strop and hate everything in the world), I feel some sort of blogger envy every single day that I’m a blogger.

Before you freak out, it’s not always completely destructive (and irrational) envy, in fact, most of the time it’s me being sad that don’t look that good in a sassy outfit, or can’t even afford that sassy outfit. Blogger envy is normal (in my opinion) but I’m working hard on controlling it right now, trust me.

I Keep Ten of the Same Calendars

This might fall under stationery-addict-confessions rather than blogging confessions, but it’s relevant all the same. If I’m making a to-do list (which I do, every day) I make it in Evernote, in my bullet journal, on my to-do list pad and probably again in my ad-hoc notepad. Same goes for my editorial calendars, it’s on my computer, in my bujo and on a big wall sheet.

I don’t know whether it’s overcompensation for the number of things I actually manage to tick off each day, or whether I enjoy creating the lists and calendars more than anything else. Who am I kidding, it’s definitely the former… no shame, it’s my passion.

What Are Your Confessions?

I’ve bared all, now it’s your turn (I mean in terms of confessions, please don’t strip). Let me know in the comments you’re number one confession when it comes to all things blogging. Do you skip your own proofreading, hate a blogger cult product or just do something completely differently?

Comment down below or let me know on Twitter or Instagram.

Right now I’m going to crawl back into my blogger cave of confessional shame. In my pyjamas. Probably crying about how someone else has got the new iPhone 7 Plus camera portrait mode before me…

Until tomorrow,