Creating A Compact Dressing Space

Moving back home left me groaning about one thing in particular. It wasn’t a groan about the shared bathroom or lack of remote control in the evenings, it was a groan about moving back into my bedroom – the bedroom with the lack of room.

If you’ve seen my Instagram photos of my Missprint Mountain wallpaper then you might have a faint idea of what shape my bedroom is, but if not, let me give you a quick rundown.

My main bedroom is a loft conversion, with my bed in one corner, my desk under the Velux window and generally not a lot of room for activities like dressing (or yoga or throwing your hands up in the air like you just don’t care). Down the stairs from the loft is the box room – the original bedroom with just enough space for a single bed and a small dressing unit. With the bed upstairs there is more room that there used to be, but there’s still two stacked dressers and a rail full of clothes to manoeuvre around when dressing (or dancing).

Since moving back in November, my dressing station has either been sitting on the floor or standing at an angle bad for my back with the mirror awkwardly perched on something dangerous. Not fun.

After realising that this set-up was deterring me from looking half-decent or even bothering to do my hair in the morning, I set to work on getting together something more usable – without wasting any of the precious precious space I have.

Creating-a-compact-dressing-space-interiors-lifestyle-bky. Creating A Compact Dressing Space

A Pinterest dream

Believe me, I know that this shelf-and-brackets combi is not completely new and innovative. It’s a Pinterest legend on an IKEA budget. This set-up is ideal for my small space because it gives me enough room for my hair straighteners and daily essentials, and little space to sit but it takes up minimal room. Literally the most ideal solution for a compact dressing space.

The round mirror is, again, straight out of Pinterest dreams. The round mirror above a unit or shelf look is one I’ve been trying to put together everywhere. In my old house, in this room, before I moved back, in my old bedroom… it’s been my obsession for a while so I’m thankful that I’ve finally made it happen.

My pink chair is the perfect size for this little corner. It’s smaller than it looks but is comfy and cute and it’s wooden legs slide around on the floor easily, making it a breeze to get up from. This might change when I find a cute rug to go in the space, but for now, it’s ideal. The pink is a proper millennial pink (I know) and although it’s constantly covered in my cat’s black fur… it’s very me (even with the car fur really).

Boxes and baskets

To keep the space open and changeable I’ve got a few baskets for all my product. The wicker basket is where my make-up and toiletry bags live, along with my straighteners (which are experiencing a new lease of life now I’m into straight hair again). I have another fabric basket that holds all of the bottles and tubs of moisturiser and hair oil I seem to have accumulated.

On the slimline shelf itself, I have the sweetest little polka-dot basket filled with my daily essentials (basically just deodorant and skincare). It’s so dinky and looks great next to my bright green cactus vase (flowers courtesy of my lovely boyfriend). My perfumes and jewellery bits are kept in a pink wooden box (I like pink homewares it seems) which keeps all those little things tidy and not sprawled out all over the tiny lil’ shelf.

Wall space

On the tiny slither of the wall next to the window, I put up a cute hook which is a great place to hang up a small bag – just a little way to make the corner more specifically a dressing area over a shelf on the wall. Of course, I’ve also got my sweet Constance & Clay calendar up next to the mirror – very cute illustrations and the perfect mix of colours.

I’m really enjoying my compact little dressing set-up. All the pieces I’ve found work well together and I’ve found the whole space so easy to style and change around when I feel compelled to. Creating compact spaces like this in a tiny bedroom just goes to show that we can live in beautiful spaces, no matter their size and no matter our budget.

Listed below are all the pieces mentioned and pictured, where they were from and any links that are still active – a lot of the pieces I’ve had for a while, so apologies that I don’t have exact links!

Photo-12-01-2018-12-00-25 Creating A Compact Dressing Space Photo-12-01-2018-12-01-44 Creating A Compact Dressing SpacePhoto-12-01-2018-12-00-03 Creating A Compact Dressing Space Photo-12-01-2018-11-59-00 Creating A Compact Dressing SpacePhoto-12-01-2018-11-59-33 Creating A Compact Dressing Space

White shelf and wooden brackets – IKEA – £9
Round mirror – Homesense – £13
Pink bedroom chair – TK Maxx
Wicker basket – TK Maxx – £15
Small polka dot soft basket – H&M Home – £2.99
Cactus Vase – ASDA Living – £3 (similar linked)
Diamond bag hook – H&M Home
Pink Wooden box – H&M Home
Wall Calendar – Constance & Clay – £10.50

Do you have a dressing station full of cute pieces of storage and fun details? I’d love to know if you like my set-up and how you designed your own space.

Let me know in the comments about what you’d love your dressing space to look like. Would you keep it compact or would you take up as much room as possible?

Until next time,