Creative Makers That We Should All Be Obsessed With

My new favourite pastime is seeking out and falling in love with independent artists and makers. It’s somewhat of an expensive habit, sure, but a positive one nonetheless.

Even though you probably have your own pool of favourites, I thought that you deserved to hear who’s work I’m currently super into – simply because it’s pretty damn great and it would be a disservice to keep them all to myself.

Before I get into sharing a few of my favourite creative makers, why don’t we have a little chat about supporting independent artists and shopping more independently? I realise that it sounds like I’m getting ready to lecture you a little but believe me, I’m still a beginner on this independent-buying journey.

Trying to support people who are breaking through in the creative industries can be baffling, because if you’re not in a position to buy every single thing they produce, then it can feel like we’re not actually showing that we like what they’re doing. There are other ways to show support though, online we can do things like shout them out on Instagram, talk about their work, share it with friends (online or off), interact with the questions they’re asking and yes, buying pieces that you love when you can.

These are all things I’m trying to do more, and although I would love to buy everything that takes my fancy, reality tells me I should probably save my money for bills and food.

When we shut down the computer and take a stroll into the real world, many of these positive and supportive habits tend to drop off the face of the earth. I mean, we don’t even really think about it, do we? If we want a coffee we pop to Costa or Starbucks, we browse through shops and pick up cheap trinkets when we could be continuing on our path of shopping more independently.

Finding an independent coffee shop near you is a great start, as is having a quick look on Etsy if you want to buy something pretty for your bedside table. Keeping in mind that sometimes the products we see for a bargain price in shops, are inspired by independent artists work… but that’s a whole other ball game.

Photo-12-02-2018-12-56-20 Creative Makers That We Should All Be Obsessed With

Studio Emma

Emma’s colourful concrete pieces literally make me drool. I think of Studio Emma a bit like my first love on Etsy, since I discovered her work, bought some for my Dad and then received that gorgeous concrete lamp a couple of Christmases ago. Since then, Emma has expanded her range and her latest colour combinations are on point. 

Her pieces are so versatile and affordable compared to the price you’d pay for something similar in John Lewis. I’ve got visions of using more of her vessels around the house for bits and bobs – earbuds, pen pots… the list really goes on.

Constance and Clay

I stumbled upon this gem of an Etsy shop when I was looking for a 2018 calendar last year and I’m so glad. Holly’s illustrations are bright and quirky and I’m in love with my 2018 calendar from her as well as a colourful print that I’ve recently purchased – pictured above!

If you’re in the market for some sweet stationery goods or just a pretty illustrated print to hang on your wall (I literally couldn’t live without this one that I’ve just bought) then definetely check out Constance and Clay.

by Rouncefield

Yes, you should be obsessed with me. If you didn’t know, last summer I launched a little Etsy shop, selling customised and painted stools. I’ve recently branched out into mixing my own paint shades for the stools and I’m loving it. Pictured above is my stool in the shade Golden Hour – a perfect muted yellow mustard.

Finally, I’m being a little more active over on Instagram, so if you fancy seeing what my process is shaping into and seeing my pokey little studio, then head over and check it out.

Katie Gilles Surface Design

Katie casts terrazzo-feel surfaces and I tell you what, I never knew I needed a pretty speckled pink round object before. I love following her process on Instagram and seeing the behind the scenes of her creations – those colourful chips that she mixes into her designs make me swoon just a little!

Honestly, I’m saving my pennies for some of Katie’s work because I think the trivets would be a dream to throw (not literally) into a flat lay. I can imagine it with some pretty as skincare on top or even on top on one of my by Rouncefield tables, for that little bit of extra protection and a dreamy colour clash.

I’d love to hear about any of your favourite independent makers and artists. Also, let me know if you’re trying to support more independent makers and sellers, are you trying to gift independent purchases, furnish your home with them or just grab a coffee from a little local place?

Until next time,