My Dehydrated Skin, French Skincare & First Impressions

PORTRAIT-FEATURE-french-skincare-haul My Dehydrated Skin, French Skincare & First Impressions

It seems I’ve really fallen for French skincare; not a complaint by any means, it’s because most French pharmacy brands carry higher quality feeling products, at a reasonable price point (especially on Escentual), that actually work at solving particular skin woes – this is what I’ve discovered so far anyway; even the products I haven’t loved have been better than many other budget items.

If you’ve read my latest skincare post (if you haven’t you should… read it here) then you’ll know that I’ve been on the hunt for a new moisturiser, which is never an easy task. My skin is generally well behaved, aside from breakouts and these stubborn dry patches around my nose. When I’ve been bad with water intake (like right now) it can feel more dehydrated, but aside from that it’s pretty balanced.

Keeping my skins needs in mind, I trawled through reviews and recommendations until I was settled on three items, a moisturiser, a serum and (to shake things up a little) a body lotion. Carry on reading to find out what I got and my initial impressions!

french-skincare-haul My Dehydrated Skin, French Skincare & First Impressions

When you say Bioderma, most minds (at least those that are beauty obsessed) will default to thinking about the iconic Bioderma Sensibio Micelle Water, a king on the blogging world back in the day. Being honest, I’d never really considered that the rest of the Bioderma ranges would be any good – I know, crazy.

Thankfully, I took a leap into the unknown and picked up the Hydrabio Serum, after revelling in the super hydrating and soothing claims. When I first used the serum it was surprisingly textured – feeling like silicone as I applied it. It was however this characteristic that I think made my skin very smooth and plump, as if the serum was locking in a layer of moisture underneath it. After a couple of uses my skin is feeling more deeply hydrated – finally, I pick a product that is going to work!

Now after my less-than-perfect experience with my last La Roche-Posay moisturiser – which you can read about, here – I was cautious to pick the new Toleriane Fluide up, but with so many positive reviews floating about, my sensitive skin decided it would be worth trying. My first impressions of the lightweight, sensitive-soothing emulsion are telling me that it was worth the gamble.

The Toleriane Fluide has no strong, overpowering fragrance; it sinks in quickly and evenly and leaves skin feeling calm and soft. Designed for oilier skin than mine, it doesn’t feel too heavy and is hydrating enough for most of my face – I put a richer cream on the dry patches around my nose, but when they have calmed down, I can’t see why this cream wouldn’t be perfect for it all. Although it’s early days (and I will keep you updated) I see a promising future with this one – perhaps I have underestimated La Roche Posay in the past…

french-skincare-haul-01 My Dehydrated Skin, French Skincare & First Impressionsfrench-skincare-haul-02 My Dehydrated Skin, French Skincare & First Impressionsfrench-skincare-haul-00 My Dehydrated Skin, French Skincare & First Impressions

Now my face is soothed and beautifully moisturised (just agree even though you can’t see me) let’s talk about those dry pins of mine. Since I got a boyfriend and started shaving my legs again, (I’m just being real with you) my legs seem to always be dry and a little bit scaly. Sure, when I slather them in thick body butter every day they return to their normal selves, but standing around for half an hour before you can slide your jeans on isn’t ideal.

After having such good luck using Embryolisse’s Lait Crème Concentrate (read my review of it, here) on dry patches around my nose, I figured this lighter version, Lait Crème Fluid, would nourish my dry legs in the same way. The few times I’ve used it so far have been proof of my thinking. Absorbing quickly into the skin and leaving it feeling supple means it gets a massive thumbs up from me (yeah, I’m that person). The only quarrel I have is with the smell – it’s a sort of hospital smell, that although doesn’t linger, doesn’t make the experience feel very pampering… I’ll keep you updated with this one.

Please let me know of your experience with any of the mentioned products above, or some suggestions of your favourite French drugstore products – you know, so I can mentally prepare myself for the size of the next Escentual order I have to make…

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