Dinosaurs and Crêpes

Early December 2015 (blast from the past I know) my booyyyfffrrieendddd (yes, I always say it like that) and I took a trip down to London with the soul intention to see some neat dinosaur bones, but we were very much open to the possibility of some burgers and perhaps a touch of retail therapy too.

dinosaur-and-crepes-01 Dinosaurs and Crêpes

I’d never visited the Natural History Museum before, for no other reason than as a family we’d never visited London very often (my Mother is not a fan) and when we did we did the shopping and west end shows rather than museum sector of the city.

Now however, after visiting the (beautifully housed – I mean the building is worth a trip alone) Natural History Museum I can vouch that any of you who haven’t seen Dippy the Diplodocus are missing out.

dinosaur-and-crepes-02 Dinosaurs and Crêpes

Before all the dinosaur walking and talking – the talking was mostly one of us exclaiming something along the lines of “Oh look! A giant egg!” – we sat down to some tea (or coffee – it was an early start) and crepes at local spot, The Kensington Crêperie.

I recall that I indulged in some white chocolate, strawberries and cream covered crepes, whilst J had a banana/Nutella/syrup concoction. Although sugary crepes are not the most fuelling or nutritionally sound brunch, it was a yummy choice, and set us up for the hours of reading (or in my case, pretending to read…) little plastic placards around the museum.

I took tonnes of photos inside the museum (mostly of the stained glass windows) but looking back I realised that, well, a lot of the pictures were pretty boring and samey, I mean at the end of the day museums are very beige… I managed to salvage a few ones however, I hope you enjoy them below!

dinosaur-and-crepes-03 Dinosaurs and Crêpesdinosaur-and-crepes-06 Dinosaurs and Crêpesdinosaur-and-crepes-07 Dinosaurs and Crêpesdinosaur-and-crepes-04 Dinosaurs and Crêpes dinosaur-and-crepes-08 Dinosaurs and Crêpesdinosaur-and-crepes-12 Dinosaurs and Crêpesdinosaur-and-crepes-09 Dinosaurs and Crêpesdinosaur-and-crepes-10 Dinosaurs and Crêpes

After soaking up all the dinosaur goodness, we proceeded to wander around South Kensington pretending to know where we were going (I don’t think we did). We went past the Royal Albert Hall and the big statue of Alby himself before jumping on the tube and heading in search of LUSH Oxford Street (finally I have been!) and some good grub.

dinosaur-and-crepes-13 Dinosaurs and Crêpes

Finding yourself walking round in circles between Oxford and Bond Street is a really good way to build up an appetite (in case you needed the tip) and it meant that when we found Five Guys (via Liberty of course) we were well and truly ready for it!

image-1 Dinosaurs and Crêpes

Five Guys has a special place in my heart. It’s the place that showed me the true beauty of the burger (and orange flavoured coke) all the way back in 2014. If you haven’t been and consider yourself a burger kinda gal-or-guy it’s a must. If you don’t consider yourself a burger kinda gal-or-guy you need to get down to your closest Five Guys (they’re pretty nationwide now!) and find out what you’ve been missing…

A bit more browsing later, we were beat and felt the welcome call of the train home. I had a lovely, if exhausting, day – a day I will hopefully remember for a long time to come.

Have you had a great day out in London recently? I’d love to hear all about it! Also if you’d like to throw any suggestions for the next time I hit the big smoke, I’d be more than happy to take them aboard! Thanks so much for reading (especially if you’ve got this far…)!

All images and copy are my own.