Downsizing, Trips to Ikea & Increasing Productivity

Usually the weekends where you have zilch planned turn out wasteful and uneventful, right? In this case, wrong. Unlike mine and my boyfriend’s standard Thursday night ‘what’s the plan, Stan’ chat, no decisions were made last week about what the weekend would bring. Little did we know that it would be fruitful with Swedish design, camera jargon, and blogging enlightenment…

Yeah, those 48 hours were intense.

Before I hopped into my car on Friday evening, I spent a good few hours playing around with my latest technological purchase: The Sony α6000 (with kit lens).

No, I’m not a millionaire who can afford to splash out £500 on another camera; I simply decided to trade in my Nikon D7100 for a mirrorless affair. Some people may recoil in shock and horror at that decision, but I’m glad I did it.

Not only is having a cute little camera easier to throw in ANY bag I like, it’s much less of a pain to whip out AND it’s got one of those funky tilting screens (which now means I don’t require a massage after every flat lay photo sesh…) – long story short, I love it! If you’re thinking about making the switch from DSLR to mirrorless I’ve got a whole post detailing reasons to coming soon (Thursday!) – watch this space, or maybe follow me on Twitter just in case *winks*.

Featherweight camera in hand, I headed into the indecision of the weekend with confidence. This confidence meant I cheekily slipped in the suggestion of going to IKEA on Saturday (my fave place on earth) and to my surprise, my boo was agreeable about the whole thing!

Photo-18-08-2016-12-49-21 Downsizing, Trips to Ikea & Increasing Productivity

We trekked to Nottingham and wandered in awe around the showrooms and market halls. Very soon ‘discussion’ was being had about the kind of worktops we’d have in our imaginary kitchen, the type of sofa in our imaginary lounge, and the number of cushions I’d need on the imaginary bed (cushions are great, ok).

Despite the clear disagreement about stainless steel kitchens and velvet cushions (we did agree that we aren’t ready to live together yet – small wins) we enjoyed the visit, and someone is already planning to go again with a little more spending money, the kind you buy unnecessary furniture with whilst gorging on meatballs (meatballs are love, meatballs are life) – success!

Sunday rolled around and instead of heading back home post lunch, I opted to be a supportive girlfriend, accompanying my boo in watching the football. Even though they desperately needed the support (spoiler: they lost, which made him very grumpy) I got stuck into my reading list, then stuck into my blogging notebook.

Sitting un-distracted (I’m really not a football fan) whilst brainstorming and post drafting is something I hadn’t done in literally months. Sure, sometimes I’ll add a few ideas to my phone’s note pages, at a push I’ll draft out a new editorial calendar (you know, like most blog tip posts tell you to do… I’m even guilty of it). These efforts never went far, and before I knew it another week had gone by with no blog activity and worse, no motivation.

Photo-22-08-2016-22-26-07 Downsizing, Trips to Ikea & Increasing Productivity

If you’re still reading this, you’re probably wondering what changed – because this is a brand new post and (hopefully) it doesn’t feel stale or forced like some others…

Well, during my fantastical enlightenment to my boyfriend’s shouty football ‘encouragment’, I read THIS post from Melyssa Griffin (formerly The Nectar Collective) – a straight to the point post about pulling your productivity socks up, and boy did it sink in fast.

Within 48 hours I would say I’ve implemented (to the best of my current ability) 4 out of the 5 tips – I’ve had two pretty damn good days!

I won’t spoil the post for you, just go and read it yourselves (especially if you feel like you’ve been in the same place for three months).

If every unorganised weekend goes as smoothly and feels as relaxing as the one just gone, I don’t think I’ll be making plans ever again (well, maybe just a few times a month…). Now I’ll continue my week as a freshly productive, IKEA-inspired woman – hopefully, that will rub off on these blog posts Yano…

I’d love to hear about what you got up to last weekend – Comment below or connect with me on Twitter or Instagram!