Drugstore Brows

brows03 Drugstore Brows brows02 Drugstore Brows

Brow products have always been something that I’ve been weary of (although, I am now in excess of them). Years ago when I first expressed an interest in filling in my eyebrows, my mother warned me of the horrors that could happen, thankfully I took her warning on board and continued on with caution. Since that time I have settled into a nice brow routine, which has filled me with the belief that brows frame the face – and can really make or break a look.

I have a mix of brow products, some high-end, some budget, and lately it’s been the budget options getting the regular use. The Soap & Glory Archery pencil has earned the place of my “old reliable” go-to brow pencil. After trying the previous version (with a brow tint and pencil opposed to a pencil and spoolie) but this is the one I’ve repurchased three times already (literally going to three different boots to find it in stock). The blonde-shell shade is a cool, taupe medium blonde and gives light definition to my light brown brows (a difficult in between colour to match for). Tending to use this to define the overall shape before moving on to fill them in, the super handy spoolie helps me see the natural shape of my brows. For filling in, my newest favourite is the L’Oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit, a super cute and compact palette with a mini spoolie and brow brush, a cool-toned blonde powder, and a more taupe brown cream. Both powder and cream work well for lightly defined brows, and for statements brows (using both shades together), all whilst being ted up in such a cute little package!

Setting brows is an important last step, especially if you’re heading into the wind (and rain). For me it used to be reserved by Benefit’s Gimmie Brow, but last week I picked up L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper. My first impression of this is still being formed – it seems to be giving me a Cara-esque brow (which I hadn’t asked for); the larger wand may force me to re-think my application technique, but I’ll get back to you.

Do you have any favourite brow products at budget-friendly prices?