How I’m Embracing The Autumnal Colour Palette

It’s taken about 2.3 weeks (number plucked from the sky) for me to get into Autumn. Despite the fact that it’s like 20 degrees today (boo), last week the temperature dropped down enough for the leaves to crunch under my feet, and the wind in the air had me jumping onto ASOS searching for scarves.

It’s no secret that I’m a transitional seasons girl through-and-through, but this year feels a little different. This year I’ve really turned to the warmth of this season. The reds, ambers and yellows have me mesmerised and I want nothing more than to bathe completely in their comfort and joy (is it getting too much?). These colours together make me genuinely happy, and I’m sure it’s because they are creative, positive and powerful rather than the fact they remind me of McDonald’s…

There has been one slight problem though. I’ve lived my life on the cooler side for a long time – and my interiors, wardrobe and favourite things scream summer and freshness. Of course, I still love these other colours, but there’s room for warmth in there, and now I’ve just got to find it.

Teamed up with this drive to explore my newly discovered colours, I’ve spent the last few weeks keeping my eyes open for some gems with autumn colour-palettes. Lucky for us both, I’ve stumbled across some seriously drool-worthy things.

colours-of-autumn How I'm Embracing The Autumnal Colour Palette

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I have no shame in my all-year-round love for yellow, but autumn yellow is richer, deeper and easily described as mustard. One of the easier transitional colours to incorporate into our homes, yellow brightens up our sofas in forms of cushions or warms up our blue bathrooms with fluffy yellow towels.

To me, yellow is pure happiness and in the autumn yellow is happiness with added comfort, warmth and familiarity. Oh, and it’s a great pop of colour to add to an over-worn outfit (read: makes stripes and jeans look better).

Gola Trainers / H&M Velvet Cushion / Round Yellow Cross Body Bag / Go Get ‘Em Tiger Print / Dulux Honey Mustard

Burnt Orange

I feel like orange is the one colour that often gets left out in the cold. It’s not massively wearable and I feel like in the home it can be quite the Marmite item. This year, however, ALL I want to do is fill up the sofa with cushions in all shades of orange – pale, bright, burnt and deep – and preferably fluffy.

Orange accessories on desks is a great way to incorporate warm brights into a working environment, and I think it looks great on accessories like purses and small bags. Chocolate oranges are also good in autumn – but they’re not actually orange, so I couldn’t include it really…

Chevron Washi Tape / Next Round Orange Bag / Studio Emma Concrete Tealight Holder / Fluffy Pale Orange Cushion


I think burgundy and plums being pulled out the wardrobe or make-up bag signify autumn and winter for so many. I love these shades because ever since I’ve tried to stray from black (feeling it looks too harsh on me), these kinds of shades keep me from looking like a kids TV presenter…

Burgundy works in the home, on walls and on floors (gimmie a deep burgundy rug anyway) it works in bathrooms and kitchens and it basically the grey for colour lovers, don’t you think? Also, the best smelling things in lush are burgundy, i.e. Rose Jam – which now you can get naked – ooo-errr.

Annie Sloan Burgundy / ASOS Glitter Socks / H&M Winter Coat / Papio Press Folk Forest 2018 Calendar / H&M Tumbler / LUSH Naked Rose Jam

So, orange, yellow and burgundy – somewhat like the holy trinity of pretty leaves, autumn and cosy colours. I for one am going to make the most of the next few months and really try to embrace my love for warmer, more comfortable colours.

I’d love to know whether you’re a fan of warm autumn colours. Let me know what your favourite colour of the season is and how you’ve tried to include it in your life!

Until next time,