Essie Fashion Playground Collection 2014

essie02 Essie Fashion Playground Collection 2014

essie01 Essie Fashion Playground Collection 2014

essie03 Essie Fashion Playground Collection 2014

essie04 Essie Fashion Playground Collection 2014

Although my Essie collection is already getting quite seriously out of hand… There is nothing that makes me double take down the aisle of boots quite like the Essie collections. Not your usual brights and tropical yellows, oranges and greens, this summer everyone seems to be sticking with the sleek, sophisticated look (which I am all in for…).

The nude of my trio is Spin the Bottle. The kind of colour that as soon as you see it… you know; you know it’s the perfect nude (for us ghostly pale girls anyway), and that if it’s not on your perfectly buffed fingertips in a matter of hours you don’t know what might explode in that pretty little head of yours (that’s what happened to me anyway). It is the ultra luxe colour of the whole collection (5 colours) and gives me that I’m-super-sophisticated-and-now-I-can-rule-the-world-with-this-on-my-nails kinda feeling, definitely one to go and see, I hope it gives you the same sort of satisfaction it did me.

Next up is a dusty grey-blue, Truth Or Flare, perfect for the evenings as they cool down (if the days ever heat up…). This calming blue was the first of this collection I picked up and it graced my fingers for a whole week (impressive for a nail polish addict), and just writing about it is making me crave it just a little bit. Making a jump over to a bolder number, Hide & Go Chic, is a slightly bright azure blue, muted enough for everyday wear but bright enough for evenings and nights out. I love every shade I bought from this collection and can confirm that they are going to be getting some heavy use in the months ahead.

Have you tried this collection from Essie? Or is there something better out there that I should be looking at!?