Everything Is Better On A Sunday

Before I get into life updates, plans and other business, can we all just appreciate how wonderful the first Sunday in December feels?

Sundays are ace anyway (yes, I do still think this even though I know work on Sundays), but Sundays in December!? Double up on the fluff, the glitter and the hot chocolate, please. Many of us will be putting our trees up today, decorating the house, and officially kicking off the start of our social calendars (yes, having a date with a box set and a duvet totally counts as a social occasion).

As you may well know, I’ve decided to participate in blogmas this year – because why not add another commitment on top of the already bulging to-do list? We’re three days in and all I can say is that I am so excited for the next few weeks. I have some actual creative and interesting content coming your way. Everything from mental health in the festive season, to Christmas crafts and interior decor, is planned, photographed and ready to go (well, most of it – hooray for planning).

Prepping for blogmas over the last few weeks has been bittersweet though.

Diving into sparkle and glitter has meant that I wasn’t as active on my socials or my blog throughout November. I felt like I had to either focus on consistency throughout or get an amazing four-weeks of kick-ass content planned. I chose the later, well aware that although stats, numbers and growth would support general consistency more, I was ready for a bit of a challenge (and something to completely immerse myself in).

See, this last month I have literally been clambering back up from a very deep, dark hole. Not a literal hole – maybe that was obvious – but a hole made up of embarrassment, anxiety, depressive feelings, guilt, shame and basically everything else you feel when a situation goes bad and you feel like you’ve had to abort your attempt at adult life.

Photo-30-11-2017-15-07-50 Everything Is Better On A Sunday

I wrote a whole post a few weeks ago about moving back home – which you can read here – and this week everything was finally done. Keys from our rented house were handed in, everything was moved back and Jonathan has started to adjust to not only living with a demanding girlfriend but also said girlfriend’s ‘quirky’ (but amazing) family – who all have to share one bathroom… I’m not unhappy with the situation, though. I know it’s the best move to make, as explored in my moving home post, and this week I have felt less of a dark shadow following me around – one that was made up of the expectation to enjoy independent life and thrive on my own for 16 hours a day.

There has been another aspect to the relief of the last few months though – I found a job.

Whilst I haven’t been unemployed for all this time – more just self-employed and doing it wrong – the stability of starting to earn money and not having to worry about deserving it is refreshing.

I’ve dabbled in many side projects over the last year – some of which have earnt me money and some of which haven’t – and by no means am I giving up on any of my little money-makers. I’m just taking the pressure off.

I’d been searching for a part-time job all summer and didn’t have much luck. In hindsight, I think this was because I was in a bad headspace and didn’t really want to go and work for eight hours to come home to an empty, cold house and still not be able to afford to buy new shoes (sidenote: new shoes are pictured). When the decision as made to move home, I quickly landed a part-time job in Peterborough and although it’s not glamorous or particularly exciting – it’s giving me the opportunity to have a great Christmas (*makes it rain*) and invest in my side projects a little more.

The routine that I’ve built over the last month or so has majorly changed the game too. I’ve been getting up earlier (probably because of those 6 am starts), getting more blogging and creative work done, sleeping better and feeling a little bit more proud of what I’m doing. I’ve also been shopping more but let’s not talk about that…

All in all, I’ve taken my life back to basics. Kind of boring, but very necessary. Necessary because I want to start 2018 off on the best foot possible (probably not the best way of saying it since we only have two feet to chose from – most of us anyway).

2018 on bky. is looking good. I’ve already started planning projects and content series that are exciting me – but that’s not all. In the new year, I’m also going to be re-working and re-launching my homeware brand (if you can call it that). If you haven’t seen what I’ve been doing with by Rouncefield then check it out, here – but basically, I’ve been customising stools on Etsy. Groundbreaking, I know.

Now I’ve got some capital to play with I’m going to be extending my product line, developing services as well as products and I’m actually going to start treating it like a business – because it is one. I won’t say too much more because I’m planning a post all about it next week – keep your eyes peeled.

I feel I need to go make a cup of tea now. That was a lot of word splatter, a lot of honesty and a lot of updates – but at least now it’s all off my chest.

If you’re a regular reader (thank you-you’re a babe) then I hope that fills in some gaps about why I’ve been a bit quiet this last month. If you’re not a regular reader then wow I’m surprised you’ve made it this far – thanks and I hope you stick around. Check out my Instagram and Twitter for a tonne of festive posts this month (as well as the wellbeing, lifestyle, business and creative ones).

Like I said, I’m doing Blogmas this year, so check back here every day for a new post, or click here to see everything festive so far.

Let me know about any little life updates from you in the comments. Have things been going smoothly or are you embracing recent change?

Until tomorrow,