A Few Of My Favourite (Homeware) Things

If you didn’t know, homeware is my jam. I love it. When you love something this much (okay, time to calm down now, Becky) you can’t contain your excitement when everything seems to come together and do it’s homeware thang perfectly. Right? Well, that’s why I’m here today, to share with you the current homeware pieces that are

Well, that’s why I’m here today, to share with you the current homeware pieces that are killing it.

From lamps to art prints, there’s an array of bits and bobs about to come your way, in no order by any means, but I can assure you that they’re all tried, tested and come with a beautiful stamp of approval from yours truly (not that I’m someone to be trusted with these things… lol).

Here goes… these are a few of my favourite things for the home right now:

Photo-05-01-2017-12-24-05 A Few Of My Favourite (Homeware) Things

Studio Emma Concrete Lamp

Be still my beating heart. If there’s one person on the planet who’s obsessed with colourful concrete, it’s me. When one love (bordering on obsession) collides with another (bedroom lighting) and this wonderful bedside lamp floated into my life (via Royal Mail) I felt my dreams coming true. It’s striped pastel base and vintage style globe bulb tick all my boxes and make me excited to go to bed each evening – who am I kidding I’m always excited for bed, but this babe makes it extra special.

Currently, I cannot see any more of these beautiful lamps on sale (I mean, they are completely handmade) but shop Emma’s other creations, here.

M&S Loft Wire Nesting Tables (white version)

I literally couldn’t tell you how long I’ve been eyeing these up in my local M&S, so this has been a while coming. After Christmas, a couple of the colours were on sale, the coral version and these mint babies. The fact that they have geometric wire bases thrills me as they don’t block off any parts of the room, nor do they look too big and bulky next to my bed. If the universe is on my side (i.e. I can make some money before the sell out) I’ll definitely be picking up another colour of these, you know, planning for my dream home and all…

IKEA Mossebo Frame

Last year I got pretty into wall art and frames and prints, although the edge has been taken off my addiction to them, I can still appreciate a nice frame when I see one. I picked up this MOSSEBO frame on an IKEA trip back in December. It’s described as white-stained-oak (obviously not solid), and I just love the tone and shape of it. The edges are slightly curved and it’s not as deep as the IKEA Ribba frames, which I know are popular. It’s cheap, cheerful and definitely going on my list again (although I might pick up a bigger size… or two).

Nikki McWilliams Custard Cream Cushion

My wonderful boyfriend gifted this delightful little cushion to me for Christmas last year and apart from always making me want a cuppa with a biccy, it has sparked my love of cushions anew! The yellow and white really compliment it’s current home in my bedroom (check out a bit of a bedroom tour right, hereand to my boyfriend’s delight, it is very comfy to lean upon.

Photo-05-01-2017-12-27-32 A Few Of My Favourite (Homeware) Things

M&S Floral Towels

Not available online, but on sale in store! Similar linked, here.

I received these beautifully colourful towels for Christmas too (yes, it is a bit annoying that they’re now in the sale) and I continue to fall more in love with hem every day. On one side they’re a bright mustard yellow, with subtle pink accents of what appear to be cherry blossoms. I have two in the bath sheet size (the only real acceptable size for a comfortable towel, right?) and am currently revelling in how grown up they make me feel. Look, I’m an adult woman with adult towels – get me.

MissPrint Wallpaper

If you’re an avid BKY reader, then you’ll have already noticed this bad boy in my An Interior Switcheroo post. I am still as dazed by this black, white and yellow wallpaper as ever, and am very much a convert to the ways of MissPrint. It’s simple but exciting to look at, whilst its happy-go-lucky colour scheme makes pairing other bits and pieces with it a breeze! (Hello, mint side tables and pink and blue lamp!). If you’re in the middle of some redecorating I highly recommend that you check out what MissPrint has to offer

‘Cheer Up Buttercup’ Print

Not only does this cute print make me smile, but it reminds me that it was a gift from one of my oldest friends. I love Peaches & Co stuff and this sits nicely with the rest of my collection (told you I got heavily into wall art…). The fact that it has more personal meaning to me definitely means that I’ll probably treasure it more than all the others, case in point, this is the only one currently in a frame… but I can’t help glancing at it and feeling a little warm inside.

Photo-05-01-2017-12-24-40 A Few Of My Favourite (Homeware) Things

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions on these pieces! What’s your favourite item that I’ve picked out? (And your least?).

I’d also love to hear (and see) what you’re loving homeware-wise right now. If you’ve written recent blog posts or shared Instagram snaps let me know, I want to see!


Sending comfy-come-trendy thoughts your way,

Becky xo