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There’s something very comforting about being completely satisfied, isn’t there? Gone are the days of not quite loving the top I’m wearing, not being sure about this colour lipstick and punishing myself with long, boring workouts… Yes, this is a favourites post.

I won’t drag the introduction on, because I will start to ramble – these are the things that have been giving me that warm and happy feeling in the past few weeks. I’ve learnt that comfort blankets can sometimes come in the form of lipsticks, and that it’s okay to smile to yourself whilst admiring a cushion (come on, we’ve all been there).

Read on and discover what my favourites have been lately.

Photo-23-08-2016-15-33-53 Favourites Upon Favourites

Yoga Tone on Yoga with Adriene

We can all admit that sometimes yoga is a little boring, right? When I’m not in the zone for a lengthy yoga session, with lots of stillness and chanting of mantras (so, most of the time then), my go-to routine is this Yoga Tone twenty minute routine from Yoga With Adriene. It gets your heart racing in places, muscles warm and stretched AND gives a super nice balance of flow and more concentrated poses. I’m aware that all my yoga jargon makes it sound like I know what I’m doing – I don’t… but damn, I’m obsessed with this routine.

NYX Suede in Soft Spoken

In the heat I haven’t been bothering with too much slap (let’s be honest most of it melts off as soon as your face hits sunlight), but when I’m getting ready on a cooler evening, this is the only thing I’ve been wanting to wear. This Suede formulation from NYX is my hand-down favourite drugstore lip product – it’s slightly plumping, smoothing and unlike their Matte Lip Creams (still love) this really doesn’t budge until you want it to. Soft Spoken has been dubbed a dupe for Kat Von D Lolita (Lolita 2 I think) and is the perfect mix of rosy pink, mauve and neutral brown. Finally, I seem to be doing the nude-lip-thing right… I got there in the end.

Photo-23-08-2016-15-35-35 Favourites Upon Favourites

Boohoo Pink Ruffle Top

When I spied this on ASOS I performed an actual double-take at the interesting silhouette of this top, and the pop of colour it produced. Although boohoo main line sizing only goes up to a UK 14 I took a chance and hoped that it’s loose fit would hang nicely on my frame. The chance paid off (yay!) so now this top is a firm wardrobe favourite – I love that it’s not just another t-shirt, it’s bright, breezy and very attentive to my latest love of ruffles (and pink!).

Positive Pack from Lazy Pencil Company

Maybe it was @hannahfgale’s Instagram of this beautiful postcard set, maybe it was me thinking I need a little more motivation in typographical form, or maybe it was just because Lazy Pencil Company is so unbelievably within my aesthetic – but I needed this Positive Pack. The two A6 postcards are currently washi taped above my dresser and definitely fill me with a little extra hope for each day. The best part is (well, second to the adorability) that this pack is only £3! Any fan of encouraging words printed onto card or pretty illustrations needs to have one of Hannah’s pieces in their abode (or you know… five…).

Photo-23-08-2016-15-34-52 Favourites Upon Favourites

Ikea Design

Since mine and my boyfriend’s Ikea trip last weekend, I’ve been appreciating classic Ikea simplicity and design more than ever. Yes, my bedroom has been full to the brim with Ikea pieces for a while… but I can still admire from a distance. The main thing to have caught my eye is the inter-changeable table-top and legs desks – being particularly fond of the TORNLIDEN/FINNVARD combo has made me re-consider my current office space (which believe me is a dangerous re-consideration). For now it’ll only be added to my Ikea wish list, but who knows what the future holds.

Bleach London Rejuvenation Mask

I’m probably not the only one whose hair has decided to resemble a ball of frizz and straw during this hot weather, but damn is it bad. In all honesty, the ends of my hair have never really recovered from being bleached back in April, but adding the need of a chop AND some serious humidity into the mix has made it unbearable. This £6 mask from Bleach London is at least taking some of the pressure off my poor strands – It leaves my hair softer and less straw-like, smells great (like the Bleach London dyes) and doesn’t leave too much of a hole in my pocket – win!

Photo-27-07-2016-19-29-35 Favourites Upon Favourites

Enjoy Today H&M Cushion

Somewhat like the Positive Pack postcards, this cute AF cushion from H&M (homeware heaven) fills my little heart with positivity and joy when I clock it each day. Its super simple design makes the ‘Enjoy Today’ really stand out, and it looks perfect on my pink chair. If you didn’t know, by signing up to the H&M newsletter you get 25% off AND free delivery on your first order… and yes, that’s what swayed me into picking this adorable cushion up. They also do a reverse version (white text on black) which I’m very tempted to pick up for my office space… because I need as much reminding as I can.

If you’ve written a recent favourites post, or have your own opinion on something I’ve mentioned – let me know!

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