February Check-In

Oh my gosh, I really can’t believe that we are already in February. Can you?

Reflecting on my Seven for 2017 post makes me wince a little bit because we can’t all absolutely smash January. Most of us are more likely to experience the ups and downs of embracing a new habit, quitting a bad one or feeling the pinch from our pockets and living on baked beans for a week.

Although some of my 2017 goals are still in the starting blocks, enough of them are out and racing ahead for me to feel happy with the progress I made through January.

Photo-26-01-2017-15-53-44 February Check-In

Bullet Journal Life

I’m officially on my third weekly spread in my bullet journal (you’ll know this if you follow my Instagram) and I am absolutely loving what it is doing for me. Three weeks is probably the longest I’ve ever stuck to a diary or planner.

Everyone has always harped on about it being the most customisable thing in the world, but this doesn’t mean that you’ve got to stuff it with a bunch of stuff you’ll never use! I’m currently enjoying a simple weekly spread, with a goals box, habit tracker and food diary! Colour-coding has become my jam and although I am still having a day where I’m migrating every single task to the next day (anyone else have days like these?), it’s making me at least feel more productive.

As we speak (or as I type and as you read), I’m planning a Bullet Journal Essentials post, which instead of telling you what you need in your own diary, I’ll be sharing what I have in mine, because the whole world obviously needs to know. Jokes aside, I’m very excited to share my pages with you (they’re pretty ace).

Supporting Small Business

Supporting independent artists and Etsy sellers is so important to me. Maybe it’s because one day I want to sell something that I’ve made, or maybe it’s just because I like seeing people work hard on something for months on Instagram and then enjoy the finished product. Throughout the course of 2017 I hope to buy bigger and more bespoke items from independents artists, but for now, I’m sticking with stationery and pretty prints. I grabbed a couple of

I grabbed a couple of Sinead’s new prints from WishDesignsCO when they re-opened their Etsy store last week and they are the cutest! You’ll no doubt be seeing them in a flat lay near you pretty soon.

My Etsy wish list is getting longer and longer every day, and if you’ve ever spent more than five minutes on the site, then you know why! If not, then get yourself over there ASAP and fall in love with beautiful handmade and personally designed pieces!

Using the Weekends

I’d say around half of my weekends throughout January were put to good use, and that’s a fraction that I’m pretty proud of. Compared to November and December, where I barely dragged myself out of bed and didn’t find much happiness in getting out the house, this month has been a refreshing change.

Last weekend was jam-packed with fun, relaxing activities. It proved to me that being busy and active doesn’t directly relate to feeling stressed out or sad about your uncompleted to-do list. Spending an hour walking through the woods, baking, enjoying a brunch or lunch and playing a game or two are all things that I’ll be doing a heck of a lot more in February.

Making Things Happen

As vague as it sounded a month ago, making things happen is probably my top aspiration for 2017. It’s the things that look effortless from the outside, the big milestones like moving out of your family home, finding a stable job that you don’t hate and developing friendships and relationships that I want to make happen.

January saw me start my job hunt, and as quickly as the excitement started, the panic of not finding the right thing or having to wait six months for a break set in. I’m a very go-go-go kind of person, and when I’ve made a decision I need to start making it happen. You can imagine that talking to recruitment agencies and looking at job adverts quickly rubbed me up the wrong way, making me realise that no, I wasn’t going to get the job I want within a week, move out within a month and have my dream art deco style bed frame by the summer (it’s like £800 FYI).

Yes, it’s kind of hard to accept, but I’m hoping that developing BKY and finding my creative stride will ease the pain of the slow churning of paperwork and middle-men.


I’d love to hear how you’re getting on with your 2017 goals or aspirations.

Did you set goals this time last month, or did you wait for them to solidify themselves naturally? (I’m trying to sound fancy and like I know what I’m talking about… but *solidify*… really, Becky?).

Here’s to making February full of fun, love and way more Instagrammable beauty.

Thanks for spending some time here on my little blog,