Finding A Happy Place

finding-a-happy-place-pinnable Finding A Happy Place

Print from Wish Designs Co

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I love the space around me. The one I’m sitting in right now. It’s clean, uncluttered and a blank canvas for my thoughts, ideas and plans.

When I say clean I mean clean aside from the small pile of clothes on the floor from when I got dressed this morning… there’s not an excess of trinkets, storage or furniture – there’s just what I need and what I love, probably the minimum anyone needs to get by.

Having a happy place is something I’ve prioritised greatly over the last six months. Finding a happy place to physically be and a happy, well-balanced place in my own mind – priority one.

The last week contained a couple of milestones which have greatly contributed to this happy place.

A Happy Place to Be

Firstly, I finally got around to re-painting and de-cluttering my bedroom – which, since I live at home is the only space I have that can be exactly how I want it (you know, budget premising). I painted the walls a fresh coat of brilliant white, covering pesky paint swatches and allowing light and space to flow freely i.e. I don’t have to crop Instagram photos to hide things anymore…

I also now have a great space to display my prints and pieces of artwork (prints literally make my world go round).

My latest addition is this dreamy (and painfully accurate) print from Wish Designs Co – cheeky and optimistic; I love the positivity behind it, and that dusty pink hue – obvs.

Check out this print for yourself, as well as the equally cute (and super affordable!) rest-of-range over at the Wish Designs Co Etsy store!

Photo-14-09-2016-16-50-37 Finding A Happy Place

Refining my personal space hasn’t been the only milestone however, I’m proud to say that this week I took a giant leap towards entrepreneurship and being a complete #girlboss – yeah, using that hashtag after everything is just my life goal.

A Happy Peace of Mind

I completed The Prince’s Trust Exploring Enterprise four-day course, which is a four day crash course in business, finance, marketing and refining your business ideas (completely free if you meet their criteria – which my unemployed self definitely did).

The course itself was very much what you would expect, four day packed full of information that at times felt a little overwhelming (it also felt a little bit like school, but I ground my teeth through it and made it to the other side – horray!).

Now I’ve got a business plan template sitting in front of me and a hell-of-a-lot clearer idea on what to do with it. Although I’m an intelligent young woman, with plenty of skills to apply to my start-up, business can be confusing as hell.

A massive thing I’ve learnt in the last week is that you really do have to ask for help sometimes – like my Dealing With Overwhelm post says – we can’t do it all on our own. Why would we want to do it all on our own anyway? My eyes have definitely opened to the amount of help out there for aspiring minds and I can only feel grateful that it’s available to me.

Check out for yourself what The Prince’s Trust does for entrepreneurial spirits, take in all the online advice they have available and perhaps take a step in the direction of your dreams (I’m not telling you what to do, I’m just wishing I had read this in a blog post six months ago…).

Just A Happy Place

As of right now, I’m in a happy place of progression, motivation and self-belief. I have the opportunity to paint my ideas onto a blank canvas and I’m going to seriously try to get as much as I can out of it – who wouldn’t?

I’d love to hear about what your happy place is – physically, mentally or just what you imagine it to be!

Try not to be jealous of my cute af Wish Designs print btw… Although it might be hard.

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