Five Trends That I’m Seriously Into

Photo-28-10-2016-17-14-24 Five Trends That I'm Seriously Into

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Sometimes a fashion trend pops up and most of us spend our time wishing it would disappear as quickly as it arrived. Other times, trends turn out to be less every-tween-is-rocking it, and more “Wow… I am into this”.

Due to my recent surge of down time (check back tomorrow for some more gossip all about that…) I’ve been exploring all things fashion a little more, which has led to an extensive increase in my ASOS saved list and a spike in my lust for the development of my personal style.

Today I’m sharing with you five trends doing the rounds right now – and they’re five that I’m absolutely loving. You can bet that if I win the lottery tomorrow, by Sunday my wardrobe would be filled with the following…

Victorian Ruffles

I feel like ruffles are the one thing on this list that no one is going to be getting away from anytime soon. They’re the kind of trend that hides on the back of that plain looking top and creeps into every single basic piece of clothing on offer. Despite my usual aversion to these types of trends, ruffles have formed a special place in my heart. I recently picked up this red, lacey and cold-shoulder number from as and it’s the slice of festive red we all need to embrace.

Reliable Loafers

Loafers used to remind me of my last schooling years, they were the balance between sturdy-and-reliable (unmistakably my Mother’s words) and kinda cool. Now they seem to be the go-to uniform of a blogger on-the-go (no shade, I clearly love ’em and am aspiring to be that blogger on the go), anyway, the thought of any of these babies with black skinnies and some sort of roll-neck jumper is getting me hot under the collar. Gimmie gimmie (especially them metallic mules… *drool*).

Statement Satin

No longer just the tacky looking, nineties cut slip that is damn near impossible to get right for any of us with a few lumps and bumps, satin is finally on the highstreet and it’s brought tailoring, pleats and hi-shine glamour along with it. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these satin pleated skirts, which New Look seem to be nailing. The perfect piece for evening cocktails? Let’s wait and see…

Pretty Socks

Never did I think that I would dedicate a whole paragraph to socks, but here we are. Although I’m not a big sock wearer (I tend to gravitate towards a pair of footsies), I am in love with the look of an inch of cute sock peeking out the top of a cuter pair of boots. In time I might even warm to the socks-with-heels thing that actresses and socialites do so well. Is anyone else a fan of this combo?

Metallic Accessories

This one makes me pretty damn happy, to be completely honest with you. I’ve never been a massive fan of the all-black-everything outfit (nor have I ever pulled it off) so the sudden wave of shiney things have got me playing the magpie really well. The gold-toned (silver can suck it) booties (damn, Office… you’ve got it down) and tote bags give me really glamourous vibes that are festive enough for me to avoid another Christmas jumper this year…

Have you completely surrendered to any of these beautiful (and I think here to stay for a while) fashion trends?

Let me know which one you’re also secretly dreaming about each night… help me feel less crazy for being in love with metallic bags and red blouses (I’m not sorry).

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