Gettin’ Scrubby With It

PORTRAIT-FEATURE-frank-body Gettin' Scrubby With It

Who doesn’t love a good scrub? Especially during the warmer weather where legs and arms are emerging from their sleeves and tights, and drier skin is in need of some tough love and care.

Using coffee scrubs really opened my eyes to how exfoliated but still hydrated skin can be.

The scrub I’ve finally repurchased is the Original Coffee Scrub from frank body. Last year I had it and remember being ridiculously sad when it was time to say goodbye to the battered brown packet of glorious coffee and sea salt.

But now it’s back!

I finally got around to repurchasing this bad boy after my current (non-coffee) body scrub was getting a little so-so. If you ask me it’s £11.95 well spent (plus free shipping) every time.

Housed in the (less battered) brown packet is a mix of ground coffee beans (majority of the mix), cold pressed sweet almond oil (there’s the hydration for ya) and sea salt.

The high caffeine content of the coffee targets cellulite and stretch marks, as well as acne and scarring on the face. The natural exfoliation of the coffee and the salt ensures that face and body are buffed to perfection.

BEAUTY-Frank-coffee-scrub-2-of-2 Gettin' Scrubby With It

Usually at this point in a scrubbing session (with you know, a normal kinda scrub) your skin is smoother, but also feeling a lot drier and (for those with sensitive skin) even stinging a little. Luckily, the almond oil in frank’s scrubs prevents this from happening, as whilst you’ve been scrubbing, you’ve also been rubbing almond oil into your skin, leaving you beautifully soft after the rinse.

The whole scrub is packed full of vitamins E, A & D which act anti-inflammatory, boosting skin and preventing cellular damage and the effects of pollution!

So if you’ve got 5-10 minutes to spare, and are looking for the secret to silky-smooth-and-soft skin, jump in the shower with frank! I like to scrub my entire body (including face) for a few minutes with a handful of the scrub (a little goes a long way), then let the whole scrub dry a little bit (activating the caffeine on the skins surface).

Once I’m all rinsed off (after the extra ten minutes rinsing off the shower…) I often don’t need to moisturise, and tend to slither around for a while like I’m a brand-new silkier woman. It’s the best.

Have you tried frank scrubs? I’d love to know!

I’ve got my eye on the coconut concoction for the summer months (you’ll soon learn about my obsession with coconut) and don’t think I’ll be able to resist building up a little frank body collection.

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