frank: Original Coffee Scrub

frank frank: Original Coffee Scrub frank2 frank: Original Coffee Scrub

It only take one scroll through the @frank_bod Instagram account to put you in the market for this coffee scrub. Chocked full of semi-naked people, artistically shot, with the the fore mentioned body scrub in action. (Who knew coffee grounds could look so wearable?)

I originally spyed it last summer, but vowed to myself that I would finish the billion other body scrubs and products already habitating around my shower before trying this one out. The time when all my bottles and tubs were dry nicely coincided with everyone’s Boxing Day/New Year offers and perks, and soon the very elegantly packaged scrub was through my door (with a nifty 10% off – quite a regular occurrence I think!).

My first impression of the scrub was a little surprised, the brown paper packaging holds less scrub that I imagined, and once I opened it up, the smell of coffee wasn’t at all overpowering (I am thankful for this). Yet after the first shower run it was noted that a little definetely goes a long way, and not being a daily scrub, I see it lasting me a good month. The very cheeky instructions that come with the scrub recommend scrubbing onto wet skin, then leaving to dry for 5-10 minutes before washing off. Standing just feet away from a hot (and I’m talking Mordor) shower at the crack of dawn takes a large amount of willpower, and after a few minutes parts of my sensitive skin felt a little too tingly. After powering through and washing the scrub off, my skin did feel unbelievably soft, as in, the softest and smoothest it ever has. Ever. It left an oily residue which helped lock in my moisturiser and kept the smoothy-soft feeling for a long time. This scrub along with my daily body brushing is really helping blood flow to my skin, is evening out my skin tone, and refreshes me on some (very) early mornings.

From what I’ve used so far, I can see myself bulk buying this Frank Body scrub out of fear of being without it. It’s only been a fortnight, but this is a beauty love affair that is already burning bright.

Have you tried anything from Frank?