4 Things I Can’t Put Down | Friday Favourites

four-things-i-cant-put-down-friday-faves 4 Things I Can't Put Down | Friday Favourites

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It’s not often enough that I throw together a few of my most-loved items, take an Instagrammable picture of them, and let you know just why they’ve been my absolute baes of late (someone should tell me to stop saying bae).

Especially when life feels a little slow (and a little dull if I’m being quite honest with you), little pick-me-ups can really make the day exciting again. This is exactly what the following bits and bobs have done for me.

Reading a chapter of an insightful book for half an hour in the afternoon, spending an evening pampering my nails or slipping on my new favourite jumper before I start the day have all become little rituals of self-care for me – something that’s been lacking lately.

Take this as the reminder you need to take these little nuggets of time for yourself, often. Put whatever you’re doing on hold for ten minutes and indulge yourself in one of your favourite things, be it a physical thing (hello scented candles and bath bombs) or just a mental break. Do it – right after you’ve finished reading about my self-care faves (hehe).

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

It’s been far too long since I picked up a book and genuinely not wanted to lay it down again (usually I’m counting down the pages until I can stop). The last few months have been full of very nearly letting go of that reading habit I’ve been trying to build for so long (pro tip: stop reading books you don’t like), but Big Magic has it revived.

Not only is my spark for reading reborn, resulting in a new weekly reading hour activity for me and my boyfriend (yes, we’re basically middle-aged already), but the third chapter of this book, Permission, really got my mind whirring and my drive to blog and share booming once again.

If you’re a budding blogger or not, this book deserves your attention. Creativity is in all of us and can be harnessed much more efficiently than we think. For inspiration, permission, understanding or just a productive coffee break – pick up Big Magic.

| Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert |

H&M Polka Dot Jumper

Never did I think I’d be promoting a polka dot jumper… mostly because polka dots make me think of circle skirts and New Girl(two things I am decidedly not a fan of). However, waltzing through H&M a few weeks ago this comfy looking jumper caught my eye.

Its’ messy, dotty pattern reminded me of something from A Beautiful Mess’s Instagram feed and it fit the bill as my new comfy-but-casual jumper.

At just under £15 H&M is also fast becoming my new favourite place to show. With tonnes of interesting basics and their reviewed sizing, every time I go in I find something new that I just need. 

| Same style of jumper (can’t find dotty one to save my life!) |

Smashbox Contour Kit

The cold mornings might well be a pain in the proverbial, but not having my makeup melt off my face upon stepping out of the door is a perk of the autumn months.

Now I’m confident in my face staying put, I’ve really been enjoying putting a little more effort into it on a weekend, in an attempt to actually use up some stack of products I’ve accumulated. Although contouring is probably so-last-year now, I hardly touched my Smashbox contouring palette (which was bought in April as an impulse purchase if you must know…) until a mere few weeks ago.

This dinky little palette shaves a few pounds off my face, kicks the glamour up on an evening and has helped me understand the power of contour – that it can make you feel properly kick-ass. Each colour is highly pigmented, blends beautifully and is undoubtedly the best investment I’ve made in my cheekbones, ever.

If you’re still scared on contour (don’t be) head to a Smashbox counter and try this out, you’ll be amazed, excited and a little but poorer – it will all be worth it.

 | Smashbox contour kit |

Red Nails

Not cracking out red nails until the middle of October must be a personal record of mine. Usually, the first sniff of Autumn is all it takes for me to crack out my red nail varnish collection, but this year it’s been a slow burn.

As I’m typing this I have Essie’s Bordeaux painted on my fingertips – a deep burgundy red, with buckets full of sass and autumnal chic. My more playful red nail comes in the form of Pyrotechnic from Sephora’s Formula X line – a bright, true red with a less glossy finish than Bourdeaux.

The newest plan is to play these red nails up as much as possible until the festive season eventually breaks through (though I’m low-key excited for glitter nail polish…). Now I only have to break out the red lips…

 | Essie Bordeaux | Sephora Pyrotechnic |

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What are your current favourite bits and bobs? Share your latest favourites posts with me below – or just ramble on about what it is your loving and I’ll sip my tea as I enjoy reading through it!