Getting Back in Touch with Blogging

Currently, I am under a super fluffy blanket, wearing a dressing gown over my clothes, and sipping on an ice cold bottle of Corona (I am writing this on Friday evening FYI – I haven’t slipped into daytime drinking just yet, not that it would be surprising). The whole of the last week has been filled with breaking in fresh notebooks, creating new (unnecessarily stylish) excel spreadsheets, and developing backache after using my camera at length for the first time in months. Basically, I’ve started blogging again.

Although I never really stopped blogging, the fact that I’ve had to open a beer just to get writing again says a lot about my falling out with it. The last few months haven’t been filled with the motivation nor the inclination to improve (heck, even sustain) the blog. There’s been one big reason why…

DSC_4409 Getting Back in Touch with Blogging

Something that stung me (which I feel a lot of bloggers can relate to) was trapping my content into the original definition of my blog. Now I got into the game as a beauty blogger. I blogged solely about beauty for at least a year and got so into makeup and skincare that I considered training to be an MUA… then I made other decisions, and my passion for make-up fell by the wayside.

(Perhaps I will do a whole, ‘How I got into blogging’ post if anyone would be interested?)

I still enjoying reading and talking about makeup, but that’s not what I want this blog to be all about anymore. Welcoming, my struggle to introduce different content onto BKY

Some days I have sat down, ready to write, only to realise that I know nothing about lifestyle (even though I live), cooking (even though I cook) or DIY (even though I’m pretty darn crafty), and it’s because I’m still pretty scared to get something wrong – even after years in the game, and very few readers to disappoint. I’m scared.

When I look back over my years with blogging, I see personal milestones and tonnes of recorded memories. I also see mountains of missed opportunities, half-hearted posts and empty space, where I could have been injecting life and vibrancy into the blog.

The thought of letting my little corner of the internet fritter away is not a pleasant one. It’s round about the time that I let this small, digital space flourish, with thoughts, ideas and general inspiration for myself, other bloggers and those in need of some zest (I am really building this up, aren’t I?).

Over the next month or so, I’ll be working solely at filling this space (to the absolute brim) with fresh content, fun ideas and a bright, positive vibe. I’m going to be posting every day in May. I’m not going to hold back on new content. I’m going to be increasing my interaction with other bloggers (you!) in this brilliant community, and I’m hoping to see you there!

If anyone reading this has also struggled with blogging lately (or is thinking about starting) let’s start (or re-start) the exciting journey together – talk to me in the comments about why you need to kick-start your inner blogger, send me your links and connect with me on twitter, we all need support from time-to-time!

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