Getting Cosy with Scents

cosy-scent-01-1 Getting Cosy with Scents  cosy-scent-02-1 Getting Cosy with Scents

Tis’ the season of cosiness; Blankets, fluffy socks, jumpers and hot chocolate with tonnes of cream and marshmallows is generally the way to live after October (right until the end of next October – then repeat). Warmer scents come back into play, and we embrace the spiciness and warmth of our winter perfumes and candles (and cakes – I’m addicted to banana bread). I’ve been addicted to two room/linen/body sprays that leave my bedroom (and coats) smelling super snuggly.

The Body Shop’s Sandalwood and Ginger spray is subtly sweet and woody with hints of spice, whilst Happy Mist from Rituals is fresh and orange scented with a warm, woody base that comes through once it has settled. I use both ridiculously often, as I have one either side of my bedroom and linen and room sprays are really something that I have fallen for. The Body Shop have a great affordable range of sprays, as do Rituals, and I can’t wait to try some more – especially the ones that get me in the mood for a nice snuggly nap.

Are you a fan of room sprays?