Good Boyfriends, Bad Periods & An Ugly Sticker Obsession

periods-pinnable Good Boyfriends, Bad Periods & An Ugly Sticker Obsession

So despite the first few days of August looking promising, my first week of the last official summer month quickly descended into a flaming ball of hormones and grumpiness, prompting the phrase “put your pet lip away” to be said just a smidgen more than usual…

If you’re a fellow period-receiver and raging hormonal mess for around a week every month, then we can definitely start a little pity party right here (you know, until we #girlboss up and start feeling like queens again).

Although (perhaps TMI) my time of the month has become super regular AND my coping methods have improved over last few months, there’s at least 48 hours where I become a whiney, demanding, lazy shell of the person I used to be.

To get through these  hours I usually pump myself full of milky tea, grab my hot water bottle and pretend to not be part of the world for a while (before you ask, yes it has always caused a problem with school and then with work… but I’ve only ever tried and failed at fighting mother nature). This week was no exception, although unusally, this feeling of blahness and disconnection from the world continued until, well, right now.

Oh, I should probably mention that I don’t have an answer to dealing with this period-induced case of the grumpies… Why write a blog post with a solution at the end? What would be the point in that? *manic laughter that descends into hysterical tears* <- literally sums up my week.

image-2 Good Boyfriends, Bad Periods & An Ugly Sticker Obsession

The silver lining of all of this is that my bf still hasn’t dumped me because of the clinical grumpiness or because every text I’ve sent him over the weekend used two sad faces as my sign off… Yeah, I know I’m a real handful.

Thankfully he is VERY understanding and does his best to put a smile on my face when I make dying whale noises down the phone (really NOT as sexy as I’ve made it sound).

For being such a top bae (feel free to cringe at my use of the word bae) I decided to add some stickers to our scrapbooking kit that he would like (so something other than sparkly doughnuts and cactus stickers…)

Scrapbooking kit? Wait, what?

image-e1470655514216 Good Boyfriends, Bad Periods & An Ugly Sticker Obsession

We recently started scrapbooking together, which is a very cute, couple-in-their-first-year kind of thing to do, and although it got off to a slow start our scrapbooking expertise has blossomed, leading to pages of bordered Instagram snaps, actually owning a date stamper AND starting that kick-ass sticker collection I was talking about (optional).

Inevitably the new-found exposure to stickers has meant that they’ve started spilling OUT of the scrapbooking file and into my to-do list, my planner, the front of my iPad…

Most of my stickers so far have been found in Paperchase, supplemented with these Pusheen stickers from eBay. It does turn out that sticker hunting on Etsy is a small cure for the grumpies – I’ve got my eye on these Self-Love stickers for use in my planner…

I guess we could come to the conclusion that becoming obsessed with stickers has been a small joy during my week from womanly hell – always trying to find the positives, aren’t I?

I’d love to know if you’re babying a new-found obsession, like me and my stickers – and if you have any period-survival tips to throw in… I won’t stop you.

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