Grey is Here to Stay

grey02 Grey is Here to Stay

grey01 Grey is Here to Stay

grey05 Grey is Here to Stay

grey04 Grey is Here to Stay

grey03 Grey is Here to Stay

grey06 Grey is Here to Stay


I’ve had something of an infatuation with dusty grey, monochrome tones since an introduction into Scandinavian style at the start of the year. Minimalistic, sleek, always effortlessly in style, my love for the grey spectrum is translating into every aspect of my beauty and fashion. This black, white and grey structured number is Zara’s combined office city bag (£39.99); it’s removable black pouch can also double up as a basic clutch (basically 2 bags in one = shopping justified). At such an affordable price it’s (quite obviously) not real leather, but for a beautiful colour-blocked (also available in black/grey/red) smart, well structured bag, you can’t go wrong. You’ll know that the Essie nail polish formulas are some of my favourites, and although I’ve gone on about this shade before (albeit a while ago…) it’s still up there in my favourites after all these months. Essie’s Master Plan is a gorgeous soft grey, which looks very elegant and sophisticated on the nails, looking particularly great as part of a muted-neon-and-neutral-manicure. My most recent call to the shade was in the form of Topshop’s Grey/White Fold-over clutch. I love this bag because it seems to have a tardis like property to it; looking fairly small sized, yet being able to hold an amazing amount inside (explaining my strange look-at-what-I-put-in-here demonstration in the photos above – although the Naked 2 Palette does compliment the whole grey theme…).  Topshop have actually come out with a whole range of these fold-overs in varying shades and textures, check them out here, you’ll be impressed I can assure you!

I think what we have confirmed about the shade of grey is that it undoubtedly looks effortless and sophisticated in any form, and that paired with white it is very much going to be carried into the fast approaching summer (for myself anyway),  will you be sporting any grey pieces this month?