Hair Shake-Up: The Change

PORTRAIT-FEATURE-hair-shake-up Hair Shake-Up: The Change

All the way back in the stone-age (September) I took an drastically overdue trip to the hairdressers to get some subtle balayage going on in my barnet – which was very restrained considering it was the dreaded ‘break-up’ hair change…

I really liked the original slight highlight my (naturally warm and brown-auburn) hair had through the ends, but after several months it faded and blended well enough with the rest of my hair to be, well, invisible. I’m not surprised. It’s been after a refresh for months, and the whole time I didn’t use any blonde haircare products… yeah, I know. This time around I’m not going to make that mistake again.

This time I asked for a cooler blonde, and a lot more of it. Opting for the new-kid-on-the-block balayage/sombre style instead of straight highlights/lowlights, I wanted a more noticeable, and drastic change (even though there was no break-up to justify it). Showing my lovely hairdresser, Helena at P.Kai in Peterborough, these photos I lifted off Pinterest; she was confident and excited that we could achieve the contrast I wanted.

Three hours later, after bleach, toning and an Olaplex treatment, I was ready to run home and put some make-up on, which apparently is a thing when you have a hair re-style… Once that was done, and I realised Velvet Teddy made me look less washed-out than I remember, I took some pictures (and now I’m wishing I currently looked this put together…).

For reference this is a ‘before’ picture (that’s pretty poor – sorry!) below is the sexy blonde snap!

IMG_0178-e1452525763170 Hair Shake-Up: The Changeimage-1-e1461783145253 Hair Shake-Up: The Change

What do you think? As someone who’s never really dabbled with being blonde it’s a massive change. If my hair could take it in a few months, I would happily bring the blonde a little higher – but right now I’m very happy with it!

It’s already been a few weeks since my trip to P.Kai and I have already noticed that it’s dulled down a little – nothing major but enough for me to panic a little. I don’t want to get to a point when all the contrast is gone i.e. if the blonde gets too brassy and looks like the rest of my ginger (in certain light) hair.

So I’m going to call on you now – hopefully you’ll be willing to help!

What are your suggestions to care for bleached/coloured hair? Do you have a favourite silver shampoo? Or a miracle mask?

Although I’m not completely dumbfounded by hair-care, I would greatly appreciate any advice – I can repay you by giving you more funny-but-equally-self-indulgent rants to read… fair trade-off I think.

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Thanks for reading!