Hello April

3rd-april-14-35 Hello April

2nd-april-14-22 Hello April

2nd-april-14-23 Hello April

sherry02 Hello April

sherry01 Hello April


Just a mini photoset of the first few days of April so far… (I’ve not been rushed off my feet you may have noticed). Personally, I love blogs that are mainly visual, photosets, videos, loads of colour and quality. Since my little corner of the internet is still finding it’s way in the world I’d thought I’d throw this out there, and hopefully turn it into a fortnightly affair. I’ve been getting into flowers recently, after being scared they’ll induce hay fever for a while I never seemed to ‘get’ them. Alas, they really do brighten the day up, bringing colour into my very greyscale bedroom, and persuading me that I should probably get outside even more, whilst nature is at it’s peak. If you follow either of my Instagram accounts (@bbexistential and @brouncefieldyou probably know who this little fella is. Sherlock is just over two years old and is possibly the cutest little kitty in the world (completely unbiased opinion), he will probably be mentioned more than most people could stand… If you haven’t seen my latest post, check it out here: March Favourties! Hope you have a great month – let me know what you’re getting up to below!