Homeware Highlights: A Dresser & Storage Tour

It’s been a while since my last Homeware Highlights post, where I gave you a tour of one corner of my bedroom in (probably too much) detail, if you’d like you catch up with that you can find it here. Today I’ve moved across the room to my dresser, which is where I store my clothes, shoes and (most importantly) make-up and skincare.

Make sure you tweet me your make-up and skincare solutions after reading – I love a good nosey into how other people get it done.

homeware-highlights-dresser Homeware Highlights: A Dresser & Storage Tourhomeware-highlights-dresser-drawers Homeware Highlights: A Dresser & Storage Tour

Chest of Drawers

You will probably recognise my chest of drawers as the Hemnes set in white from IKEA – classic blogger. In all seriousness though, it’s a great chest of drawers, easy to put together and pretty long-wearing (considering how much I shunt it across the floor to get good light for my photos…). Also, furniture is expensive; IKEA is a great middle ground for basics when you don’t have that West Elm dollar (which I definitely don’t).

To jazz up the chest of drawers a little, I do like to add my own drawer knobs. Currently, I’ve got a bit of a weird mix n’ match thing going on, (which I’m not too sure about) but the principle is the same! Most of my drawer knobs are from Zara Home, Oliver Bonas, H&M, Marks and Spencer or TK Maxx – these places have great designs and are usually fairly affordable!

homeware-highlights-dresser-make-up-brushes Homeware Highlights: A Dresser & Storage Tourhomeware-highlights-dresser-perfume Homeware Highlights: A Dresser & Storage Tour

Make Up Storage

Most of my make-up (i.e. the make-up I actually use) is stored in four wide Muji drawers – like these ones. I know they’ve had their blogging heyday, but they’re still ideal for wanting to see all your lipsticks/mascaras at once, as well has helping keep the space open.

Onto my little metallic phase, this is responsible for the pretty gold tray – from the John Lewis clearance for £10! When I first saw it I showed financial restraint in front of my parents, but the next day I practically ran back to get it… progress, kind of. I love it for holding a vase of flowers and my (small) perfume collection, plus I think it adds a bit of glamour – I found a similar one for you here! My copper ‘B’ is from Oliver Bonas and is just a nice accessory that I move around now and again. They’re now selling these letters in a gold version, which you can find here.

homeware-highlights-dresser-flowers Homeware Highlights: A Dresser & Storage Tourhomeware-highlights-dresser-shelves-close-up Homeware Highlights: A Dresser & Storage Tour

Skincare Storage

I also have started to keep a few pieces of jewellery on display, mostly to remind myself to wear them, but also to look pretty for any Instagram photos I decide to take… at least I’m honest. I’m currently enjoying a few pieces from ASOS which I have talked about at reasonable length in this mini haul last week.

Finally onto my overflow skincare storage, which I decided on creating after trying and failing at keeping all my skincare on that (still pretty) gold tray – it looked cluttered, messy and I was always knocking things over… These IKEA narrow shelves are meant to be for photos and wall art (I think), but they fit all my bottle and pots on quite nicely! I can’t find the online link (sorry!) but I found them near the photo frame sections in IKEA, and they’ll probably still be around in store.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour! If you’ve liked peeping into my little old bedroom (not in a creepy way…) why don’t you check out my first Homeware Highlights post, all about my bay window storage (why am I obsessed with storage…?).

How do you like to store your make-up and skincare? Let me know!