Homeware Highlights: Interior Tips & Tricks: Part 1

Welcome to a brand new series, focusing on the spaces of my room that are well put together (if I do say so myself) including homeware favourites and practical tips on creating the environment you’ve always wanted (within reasonable budgets and space constraints… obviously).

When you start to become interested, or you know, obsessed, with interiors and homewares, it’s probably the first sign that you’re maturing at least a little bit. No longer do you have to be nagged by your mother to clean and tidy your room… the idea of a ‘floordrobe’ is physically repulsive, and more than anything else you want to be able to pin and Instagram photos of your own space and have others awe over it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely not got it all sussed out, but over the last few months I’ve really transformed my space into something comfortable, photogenic (bloggers will know that this a priority for most things) and something that works for me – which is the most successful outcome!

This leads me to my first piece of advice: which I overlooked for a (super) long time – only dragging out this process even further…

Be Practical.

It’s so easy to get drawn into Pinterest dreams about bedrooms and bathrooms, wanting to be minimal but have everything bright, clean white and airy – it’s what I wanted. However, when I accepted that I have a lot of stuff (although it is less than I used to have #declutter), I realised that having no under bed storage, minimal open shelves and a desk surrounded by airy white space wasn’t going to work – or it would be a hell of a lot of work and ‘decluttering’ most of my possessions. Accepting that I needed to have places to hide unsightly things away or to store things that I couldn’t get rid of, was me starting to think practically.

My second piece of (golden) advice is to:

Work with what you’ve got.

Yes, I too would love nothing move than to go on furniture shopping spree – but that ain’t happening anytime soon – so trying out new things with what you have may be the only option and sometimes it’s the best one! Since I’ve had a desk in my bedroom its home was in the bay window, with my sideboard (pictured) on the opposite wall – looking pretty dull. One day I had a quick measure of the bay and the sideboard, realising that they would fit perfectly together!

Lowe and behold, my desk fit perfectly into the alcove on the adjacent wall. More on the desk another time (cheeky little teaser there), but it’s a great example of using what you have to your advantage. By getting creative and trying the sideboard by the window, I have a great little display area, feature storage, and more floor space!

homeware-highlights Homeware Highlights: Interior Tips & Tricks: Part 1

This brings me onto my bay window, featuring my IKEA Hemnes Sideboard (they call it a console table) in white. Like I’ve said, it fits perfectly in the space, and finally I’ve utilised its large lower compartments (Is it just me, or does that sound sort of rude… whoops) for storing my books and overflowing (another whoops) beauty products. It’s also the place for my only living succulent left (maybe it’s fake), and a generous pile of blankets and scarfs that are mostly for show.

My several yoga mats are always at the ready in case I ever fancy using them (a rarity I’m working on), as are a couple of pretty candles – one of which crackles like a roaring fire and throws a heavenly warm and comforting scent through the air! I’ve only had it since Christmas – a present from my boyfriend, so just in case he reads this… – it’s already one of my favourite candles ever! Other highlights include a cute photo frame (from Paperchase) housing a picture of me and a dear friend, and a vase of fresh yellow tulips my mother bought me last weekend to help me through a bought of sickness.

homeware-highlights-01 Homeware Highlights: Interior Tips & Tricks: Part 1

homeware-highlights-02 Homeware Highlights: Interior Tips & Tricks: Part 1

homeware-highlights-03 Homeware Highlights: Interior Tips & Tricks: Part 1

homeware-highlights-04 Homeware Highlights: Interior Tips & Tricks: Part 1

homeware-highlights-05 Homeware Highlights: Interior Tips & Tricks: Part 1

homeware-highlights-06 Homeware Highlights: Interior Tips & Tricks: Part 1

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek into my bedroom, or at least the (somewhat) useful advice I’ve tried to dish out! For those who are forever browsing H&M Home, Oliver Bonas and Anthropologie and wishing away what you currently have in hope of prettier, more metallic (and more expensive) homewares, take it from me that a little rejigging and a fresh perspective could be all you really need! That said, if there have an current homeware wishlist – or current favourites – link me up, I’m always ready for a bit of interior dreamin’!