Homeware Wishlist

It’s never long before I’m back on the internet browsing the ‘New In’ sections for homewares and decorative home accessories. I mean, despite the fact I still live at home, am living on a very limited budget, and am certainly not allowed to dark stain my bedroom floor (please, Dad), I think most days I live for homeware. It was over two years ago that I started to realise that your surroundings make up such a large part of feeling comfortable/relaxed/energised/motivated, and since then I have invested time, energy and money into developing the space I do have (a very generous bay-windowed bedroom) into something that suits my needs.  Although it is still has a way to go – and always will do, since our preferences and needs are constantly moving and developing – I am planning on doing a little bedroom update post soon (when I have deep cleaned everything), to keep a record of how my space is changing. 

Below you’ll see a little collection of thing’s I’ve been lusting over during my quiet evenings on the computer – some are very much dreams, being out of my price range or downright not suitable for a nineteen year old who definitely shouldn’t spend her money on entire tableware sets… What can I say; perhaps I’m getting a little ahead of myself in terms of being independent. You’ll notice the inclusion of natural wood and some colour (gasp! The shock and horror!). Which is the most recent development in my taste; gone are the days of obsession over every detail in my bedroom being monochrome, nowadays I am embracing natural grains and am trying to include more of them in my homeware daydreams.

homewear-wishlist Homeware Wishlist

I’ll run through the proper-grown-up-furniture items first, starting with this rug, from Oliver Bonas and inspired by Matisse (I think that is very obvious), it’s bright but comforting hues drew me in and made me realise that looking at rugs is crossing the threshold into adulthood. If I had the space for a gorgeous rug in my bedroom, believe me I would save up for this bad boy right away, my justification being that rugs stay in the family for a long time – it’s an investment! (Plus, looks super cosy for my tootsies). Something I do have a space for, is this Ikea EKENÄSET Armchair – sure that space is currently filled with a massive box of Christmas decorations and clutter, but the point is there will be space for it. The idea I have is to throw this super comfy chair (I did actually test it out in IKEA) in the corner with a footstool and some blankets and cushions, creating a nice little relaxing space to read/blog/nap (the napping is most likely), since all three of those things are downright annoying to do in bed – for me at least sitting in bed creates a mind-set of bedtime, a.k.a. get nothing done o’clock. The last piece of proper-grown-up-expensive-furniture is the Narrow Colosseum Bookcase from John Lewis (the mothership). In my head this bookcase will go beside my bed, and act as my currently non-existent bedside table, and some extra space for photos, box files etc. There are definitely cheaper versions out there, but the natural wood got to me with this, I really am falling for it, and since I have a stark white bed, this one if you’re interested, the bookcase wood would balance the brightness out nicely (me thinks)

Onto something much more within my grasp, which is this very pretty art-deco type patterned bedding, from M&S. I genuinely have not stopped staring at it, and think it would bring a nice focus to my (as mentioned) very plain, white bedroom. Like most homeware, I’ve really gotten into bedding lately, believing it is something to be invested in and thought about – I mean we spend a third of each day in bed (and often much more), we might as well spend those eight hours in optimum comfort and style. Speaking of style, the three smaller, and very kitchen-based items on my wish list, are very up my street. If my parents were to throw away all the very nice and practical tableware we currently have, I would beg them to replace it all with these Mexican-style ranges (pictured is Da Terra). As I’ve been getting into baking and cooking lately, I’ve learn what a difference oven and tableware make to the presentation (and photos) of the dish (or cake) – this ochre baker would pop on camera, as would this blue-streaked high-ball glass. So it’s official, I’m turning into a middle-aged woman and becoming obsessed with plates and rugs. Hey-ho, there could be worse things to be obsessed with.

What are you lusting over in the homeware department? No matter if it’s realistic or a three-seater sofa when you live in a small bedroom in your parents’ house – tell me!