How To Be A Blogger In The Spring

This week it officially became spring. You’ve probably heard this from a million other bloggers by now, but hopefully, you’re not bored of the spring-talk already…

Spring is my favourite time of year. March, April and May are the gems of the year. It’s mild, sunny and the flowers have bloomed, productivity is high and the longer days make evenings and weekends feel even more splendid.

Blogging also gets more interesting in the spring, at least I think so. The warmer weather means style comes into play whilst people also get into changing up their interiors, travelling and generally doing more than ordering pizza and watching Netflix on a Saturday afternoon (very guilty of this).

To help us all along with our being bloggers and it being spring, I’ve decided to share a few serious how-tos. No longer will you have to panic about what to blog about or what to spend your money on, if you’re a blogger, all the answers about how to behave and what to do can be found right here.

Here’s how to be a blogger in the spring…

P.S. Some of these are tongue-in-cheek, I should think that’ll be obvious. 

Photo-24-02-2018-19-17-41-1 How To Be A Blogger In The Spring

Drop a ridiculous amount of cash on flowers

If you’ve been to Columbia Road Flower Market, then you’ll know that the desirable blogger bouquet doesn’t come cheap. To get the full effect of the prop, make sure to buy a nice handful of blooms, or even branches of eucalyptus, and cradle them like they’re the most precious thing on earth – which they probably are. Style them up after your photoshoot and get your money’s worth by creating spin-off content. Blooms by the bed, on the table, even as a smaller prop in your many, many flat lays.

Start baking as if you’re on #gbbo

Sure, Easter will have started you off, but nothings going to stop you once you’ve got the baking bug. Mini Egg cheesecakes, rainbow cakes, Creme Egg brownies, the lot. It doesn’t matter if you can’t pick a butternut squash out of a lineup or cook anything for dinner, you can (and will) bake up a storm. Don’t forget to share your recipes over on your blog, we all definitely want to hear them.

Rock a Breton stripe like nobody’s business

Let’s be honest, you’re probably already rocking a Breton tee, but at least now you can show it off without that cumbersome coat hiding its glory. No one has to wonder if you’re a trendy blogger anymore, the answer is right there in front of them. If you’re bored of the standard navy/white combo, check out some coloured variations. Yellow, lilac and baby blue are some of my spring favourites.

Scream “Birkenstock Weather!” the moment it’s 15 degrees

I’ve already admitted that I’m definitely going to be doing this, and for good reason. Living in sandals when the weather is good is just a wise decision. It does mean that you’ve got to get your pedicure on though, which will make a welcome change from bundling your feet up in fluffy socks as soon as they’re exposed to the cold winter air.

Talk about layering as if you invented it

A statement tee, a chunky cardigan, a light duster coat and maybe a colourful scarf to top it all off. Layering is key, that’s what all the magazines I’ve ever read have ever told me anyway. It’s easy to talk about layering as if it’s some new hot trend, but the truth is it’s just dressing, right? Despite this, make sure to write a whole blog post about it – just in case anyone has forgotten.

Empower yourself by getting a chop or going “blonde for summer”

Honestly, this how-to isn’t tongue-in-cheek at all. Getting a haircut when the warmer seasons come around really does help you feel like a new blogger. Going blonde, if your hair can handle it, is also super empowering. I had an ombre a couple of years ago and it unleashed a new bought of confidence within me. If you’re thinking about going for it, do it!

Buy pastel coloured homewares

Being a blogger means that you can’t resist homeware at the best of times, but pastel coloured cushions and vases? We’ll have to hold you back. Whether it’s because you want to share a sweet spring interiors blog post, or if Easter is just your favourite holiday, indulge in all the pastel pink, yellow and blue as you can. Before you know it burgundy will be back…

Document your extensive Spring Cleaning weekend

Spring cleaning is a hot blogging topic. It’s the time to declutter your drawers, plug your Depop a million times on Instagram and feel lighter without all that stuff you don’t need. Writing a piece or two about your decluttering methods is surefire a blogging hit, just remember to take loads of before and after snaps, because most people do just want to look at the photos.

Pose in front of a coloured wall, holding your first iced latte of the season

Sunglasses and a big old grin is the cherry on top of this blogging how-to. I feel like this set-up is universally loved whilst also being the more stereotypical basic blogger photo that can exist. Every blogger needs to embrace this set-up a few times in their blogging life though. Pick up your iced Chai latte (my personal pick), get sassy and get someone to tell you a funny joke in front of that baby pink wall.

If you’re a blogger and felt a little lost about what to get up to this spring then I hope you’ve found some guidance today. Get your bake on, pick up some flowers and prance around in your pastels until the summer comes. It’s what I’ll be doing, anyway.

Yes, I’m being a little bit OTT but I hope you found the humour in what really is the truth about bloggers in the springtime. I’d love to know what you love doing in the spring, blogger or not.

Until next time,