How To Feel Better About Life In 12 Hours

On Friday morning I woke up and wanted to go back to sleep straight away (although it was already lunchtime). After some internal arguments (and accepting the fact that it was far too bright to carry on sleeping) I got up, stood in some silence and realised that I really didn’t want to try at this whole adult life schmuck today. I think we’ve all been there.

There’s either too much to do, not enough to look forward to or an overwhelming stench of staleness coming up from our daily in-and-out lives. Some days life just feels heavy and far from what we’ve pictured it to be, and sometimes that’s fine. Sometimes we can cope with these visiting feelings, knowing that our period is due or that we’ll wake up tomorrow remembering that fun thing coming up next month. Sometimes, however, we need a little help to remember that these feelings are fleeting and bad days happen to the best of us.

Photo-19-06-2017-20-42-30 How To Feel Better About Life In 12 Hours

So, Friday… I didn’t want to partake in adulthood, I felt like going back to bed but I knew that tomorrow-me would not want to deal with my mindset anymore that today-me does. So, instead of wallowing and letting the world pass, I stripped the bedsheets, threw them in the wash and set to turn my day around. (Yes, I did only put my sheets in the wash so I wouldn’t go back to bed).

Did I feel any better about life by Friday night? Mixed results. However, what I did feel better about was my ability to get up and get on even in the face of extreme stubbornness – a feat in itself. I wasn’t dancing and skipping on Friday evening, but I was happy with my achievements that day and equipped with the tools to do the same the next day (and every subsequent day) to achieve my own goals.

The following things are some of the ways that I combatted my attitude to life on that Friday, some of which are so helpful that I decided to share them with you, just in case you too find yourself with a bad taste for the day ahead of you every now and then.

Eat A Massive Bowl of Fruit

Whilst in the supermarket last week, I was astounded at the price of pre-cut watermelon sticks and decided it would be way more cost effective to just buy a whole watermelon. Fast forward a few days and on Friday morning I had a bowl full of watermelon, a banana and some tasty nectarines. A contrast to my usual sugary Weetabix was welcomed and although I weed 10x more than usual that day, I felt a fraction more human and a smidgen less full of doom.

It was probably a mix of food that isn’t brown and buttered, actually being hydrated and a placebo effect that means I feel like a proper vision of health after three portions of fruit. Was I going to fight it? Not this day. On days like this, we need to welcome all the placebo effects that we can, in the hope that you know, if we do this enough days in a row they won’t be placebo effects anymore.

Clean + Organise Anything (Or Everything)

Admittedly, not everyone has the time to scrub and re-organise their house top-to-bottom in 12 hours, but if you do have time for that, I can guarantee you that life will seem ten times better with fresh bed sheets, organised shelves and pens in colour-order on your desk.

Take whatever time you have, a space that needs some TLC and some comforting YouTube vids or your favourite playlist and go to town. I know it’s the last thing you probably feel like doing, but let’s be honest, it’s unlikely you feel like doing anything in this funk, so at least we can do this activity in our PJs with some embarrassing music on without anyone judging the final product…

Step Away From Social Media

Social media is the thing that can turn a bad day into a day where you wish the ground would swallow you up. FOMO exists and irrational envy still exists, despite our best efforts. Social media needs to be taken lightly at the best of times, so in the worst of times, it’s probably best to avoid the whole show completely.

Although it’s all well and good saying this, as a blogger I tend to spend a long time on SM and panic when I completely drop off the face of the earth. This just ends up spiralling and my bad day turns into a bad week (hello, last week). I’ve learnt to skim SM when I’m having a bad life day. I check out my faves, have a quick scroll, deal with any interaction and then put it away. Turns out that doing this and not scrolling through Twitter for three hours helps me keep my mind where it’s needed (FYI that’s in my own situation and not freaking out with Sandra because she found a spider in her shoe).

Create Something

This can sound daunting if you’re in a place where you’re not feeling ‘creative’, which believe me is the first thing to fly out the window when the weight of the world seems to be on your shoulders. With a little persistence, however, it’s entirely possible to create something. Making a meal, taking a picture, sitting down and writing or even just coming up with some ideas can all give you that little fuzzy feeling of warmth inside.

I’m a big fan of the brainstorm when I’m feeling low about life. I brainstorm blog ideas, Instagram pictures to take, projects to try, meals to make and interior corners to style. There’s something about writing on a piece of paper and doodling around each idea that I’ve created that makes me feel a) in control of my life and b) like I’m doing something productive, both very welcome feelings on my down days.

Use That Thing You’ve Been Saving

I tend to save things for special occasions that never come – does anyone else do this? Books can’t be started until I’ve finished that really boring one first, candles can’t be lit until I’m having a proper pamper evening, I can’t use that new nail varnish until Autumn rolls around and it’s acceptable to be sporting darker colours again… It’s almost like I want to meet my own expectations of how much I’m going to love the product and I know everything will be better if I create the perfect environment for it. Well, enough!

Whatever you’ve been saving for a special occasion (or if you’ve been saving £20 for a rainy day) stop saving it and use it right now, because it’s probably most needed on days like today. Burn that candle, eat that chocolate, visit that shop or wear those new shoes. Just don’t eat an entire multipack of crisps you’ve been saving, because you’ll bloat like a whale and feel dehydrated for three days. Be wise.

Take The Pressure Off

Cancel something that you can cancel, rearrange the thing that you agreed to at an awkward time, simply take the pressure off of the next few hours or days. I certainly feel that when we have too much going on, we get worked up and wired about each and every little thing. Take away some of that go-go-go though and you have enough headspace to diffuse and see life for what it is, not what scary-panicked-you sees it as.

Even scrapping some things off your list for today and making them next week’s problem can give you the moment of calm you need to get back in a healthy headspace. There are, however, times where the opposite is the problem and the pressure is coming from us expecting ourselves to be doing more and more and more (than even we are capable of). For times like these try this out…

Make A Fake To-Do List

When I’m feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, I love to make a new to-do list and fill it will easy-peasy tasks (that I’ve probably already done that day). If you’ve got to get on with your tasks, then the faux set-up helps you feel as if the ball is rolling already and if you’ve got a free day, then you can take comfort in already having achieved a lot.

Some examples of things that I’ve put on my fake to-do list include: Make a great cup of tea, stretch, use fancy cleanser and perform an extended skin care routine, browse what’s new in on H&M Home, breathe (in the I-have-to-stay-alive-sense), get someone to give you a back rub, roll around on the floor weeping, make a cute cat collage in photoshop, eat lunch, tie hair in pineapple ponytail and make another cup of tea.

I’d love to hear your routines for combatting a bad day. Do you plod on, or take the day to rest and recuperate? Let me know in the comments below. Oh, and if you’re having a crappy day no matter what, then just remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Promise.

Until next time,