Why I Changed the Way I Blog

When we start blogging we naturally gravitate towards the ‘blogging routine’, the things that other bloggers are doing and the things that we are expected to be doing ourselves.

These expectations could be anything from keeping a tight editorial calendar running, or blogging about Christmas when Christmas is coming up. As a singular thing or habit, they really pose no harm to blogging generally, but when bundled together with one another, they suddenly make blogging feel like boxes to check off, rather than a source of passion and inspiration.

Whilst I’ve never felt like a complete slave to my blog, there were points last year (and early this year) where I was just blogging to blog. I was doing what I thought I had to, what people obviously liked reading and what made me seem like a ‘proper’ blogger.

Roll on three or four months, and my attitude toward keeping my blog running has done a complete 180 turn. As I’m writing this I can wholeheartedly say that I’m finding it easier than ever to run my blog.

Photo-05-04-2017-15-40-37 Why I Changed the Way I Blog

How I Changed The Way I Blog

I Started Listening

Not to my mum or my regular reading (although listening to these people always proves useful in some instances), but to myself. Starting to hear myself when I’d exclaim that I didn’t want to write about this and I really wanted to write about this has proved invaluable to me. No longer do I force me to write a crappy blog post just because the idea was there and seemed clickable. I started listening to myself and blogging felt less like an assignment and more like the creative outlet I’ve always intended it to be.

I Started Trusting Myself

This trust came in two parts. Part one was starting to trust me in writing what I wanted to write. No, it wouldn’t do terribly just because it’s talking a lot about myself and people would (they might) still want to read it even if it’s not about how to make your Instagram theme better.

The second part was taking the plunge into trusting myself to write what I wanted. There’s a reason so many bloggers write about blogging and it’s because it’s what they know. Sure, I also know other things like how to wash and hoover, but things like style, interiors and wellbeing… I don’t know everything and for a perfectionist like me, that means I know nothing. Taking the leap into the unknown and writing about things I knew I could be wrong about was scary, but now I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Why I Changed The Way I Blog

This Blog is For Me

Sure, I might write some blogging tips now and then, or share some of my long-awaited wisdom with you, but when it comes down to it, this blog is mine. I’ve already expressed my limited desire to be a career blogger, which kind of means I’m only here because I want something more than some of that blogger dollar. Blogging to help others was draining me of passion, not because I didn’t like helping others, but because it’s not what I need to get out of this creative outlet. 

What I’m saying is that if no-one ever read this blog, I’d still want to be able to look back on my posts and remember that thing I learnt, or those curtains that I loved. Making connections and sharing my wisdom (lol) is a happy side-effect.

Passion Works Instantly

Dumping the subjects that don’t make my hand’s type at 90mph essentially meant dumping anything that I wasn’t feeling passionate about. When you’re blogging about a passion (albeit if it’s short lived) literally makes your blog one-thousand percent better. It’s a bit like having a conversation with someone who’s passion is counting blades of grass. When they first tell you about it, you probably roll your eyes and prepare for boredom, but when they get going you can’t help feel captivated by their passion and feel yourself becoming interested in blades of grass too.

Treating my blog like a conversation of passion not only makes my writing better but also inspires me as I’m writing. Amazing, right?

Do you Like How You Blog?

I know I’ve garbled on about my blog and me for over 700 words now, so how about you let me know if you like the way you’re blogging right now.

Have your methods changed since you’ve narrowed down your goals of blogging? Are you blogging more than ever or less than ever and loving it more than you could ever imagine?

Whatever camp you’re in, I hope this post has shed a little light on the fact that there’s not just one way to blog. It took me a while, but I’m finally finding my stride and not only enjoy writing, but enjoy the challenge of running and maintaining a blog. With some thought and an afternoon or two, you can get yourself in the exact place that you want to be blogging in. I seriously believe that anyone can.

So, let me know in the comments if you’re at one with your blogging method and remember to keep an eye out for new content, often publicised on Twitter and Instagram!

Until tomorrow,