Why I Decided To Start My Own Business

If for some reason, you have actually been aware of what I been pottering with these last few months, then you’ll know that recently I set-up my own business, by Rouncefield, and started making and selling colourful pieces for the home. For now, it’s more of a passion project than an all-out-business-hours-business, BUT, I’m still pretty happy with how it’s going and ultimately proud of myself for finally taking the leap and making some things with my name on.

For the last 18 months or so I’ve had probably a small library worth of idea-filled notebooks. I’ve attempted to pursue a handful over this time, but honestly, nothing felt quite right until now. The idea was either too big too soon, or I struggled to see my true goal for it. It was around 6 months ago that I came to the conclusion that I didn’t just want to sell things that I thought people would like, I didn’t only want to be a curator of beautiful pieces or only arrange other people’s things in a pleasing way – I wanted to make things myself.

I brainstormed a few ideas and settled on a couple that I could do first, making wooden pegboards and customising IKEA stools. I settled on these couple of things mostly because I wanted to make them for my own home, but I quickly realised that neither have a massive range of options available to buy for a reasonable price. It was in this moment that I decided to build affordable pricing into the core values of my business – because good quality doesn’t have to cost you more than you can really afford, right?

Anyway, that’s a little rundown of what by Rouncefield is about and although you can be sure to be hearing more about its progress now and again, feel free to head over to my Etsy store and my specialised Instagram to find out more.

I feel like loads of people around me run their own business, whether it’s recent or yonks down the line. The one question I’ve always wanted to ask these solopreneurs is always – why? Not to try to discredit their ideas, but to have a little insight into what made them take the leap and to learn how they got over (or at least managed) the fear of it all. Why not kick off the new business related section of this blog by having giving an answer to this question myself – why did I decide to start my own business?

I’ve low-key always wanted to be an artist

Doesn’t everyone kind of want to be an artist? I mean, I know that not everyone wants to sit around at an easel and paint pretty pictures, but most people I know with a creative gene in them wants to create and make and do things that can be considered art (i.e. basically everything). For a long time, I considered Instagram my art form – which I know is a common theme among us crazy millennials (I’m actually generation Z but still) – but with the changing opinions about Instagram and the difficult growth patterns, I’ve kind of jumped ship from it being my main source of expression. Painting stools and pegboards might not be everyone’s cup of art, but for now, I’m pretty happy with it.

I want something with my name on it

Maybe this sounds a little self-absorbed… but being a blogger you get used to your name being your brand, and now all I want to do is extend that brand across to actual, physical products that people can use and love. Do I want to be a household name? No. Do I want my family name branded onto some amazing things that I’m going to make so that everyone knows that Rouncefield’s are pretty creative and cool (especially this one)? Yes, definitely.

I couldn’t find things that I wanted to buy

Sure, places sell pegboards and stools and you can paint things yourself, but I couldn’t find much that I liked for how much I was willing to spend. Just like not everyone will like the same of chair, not everyone wants the pegboard from Urban Outfitters. Neither does everyone want to trek to IKEA, buy a stool and then spend three days painting it… I get that. Ultimately most people create things that they love and can’t find anywhere else, by Rouncefield is no different.

I want to make bespoke interior style affordable

I touched on this when I explained that basis of by Rouncefield, and essentially it’s what it says on the tin – I want to create things that people like me can afford. I love West Elm, I love Anthropologie, but can a 21-year-old realistically afford to be spending hundreds on pieces of furniture or decor… not any 21-year-old that I know. A core value of my business is to sell products at a price that I would be happy to pay for them. Sure, as I get older that price may adjust, but for now, I’m a less than £100 quid kind of a girl (and most of the time less than £50).

It’s a step towards designing my life

Even if not everyone wants to be an artist, everyone wants to have a say in how their life looks – right? Running my own business is my first real step in making a decision about my life. It can change and shape-shift over the years, but I know that whether it’s a supercharged hobby or a profit-making project, having something that is mine is going to be a foundation of my adult life. Sure, it’s scary to tread your own path, but so far it’s working well for me.

Do you run your own business? Whether it’s a big deal or a side project, I’d love to know your own reasons for taking the leap and being a #boss. Let me know if the comments below if you’ve found this little insight into why by Rouncefield has been born interesting – or whether you’re just here for the pretty interior posts ;).

Until next time,