How I Stopped Being Afraid of Fashion

how-afraid-of-fashion-pinnable How I Stopped Being Afraid of Fashion

Wait… fashion? Is this a style post? Do you even know where you are, Becky? I don’t think I’ve ever written a post about style, fashion or anything seriously about the sort (unless you count wish lists and the odd ASOS round-up – I don’t).

Today I’m deciding to address my personal journey with fashion and style – why we haven’t gotten along in the past, but most importantly how I resolved my war against my own personal style.

A Short History

For a long time I didn’t really care about fashion, style or what I wore day-to-day. I say I didn’t care, more honestly it was a case of not wanting the hassle of self-criticism or the feeling of dis-satisfaction in what I would end up wearing day-to-day – it was easier to ‘not care’ and not be a ‘fashion person’.

The feeling of being uncomfortable or more accurately, misrepresented by my clothing and apparent style got too much for me at one point. I realised that the feeling of discomfort didn’t come from clothes that didn’t fit – but from clothes that I simply didn’t like.

Right about now my dad would definitely remind me about the Steve Jobs/Mark Zuckerberg approach to fashion – which if you don’t know, is wearing the same thing every day. The outcome of this is reaching into your wardrobe without having to think – one less decision to make in a day.

A Eureka moment hit me when I realised I could simultaneously love what I was wearing and not have to over think it (maybe I’m the last one at the party again).

I’m going to talk about the steps I took to diving into personal style – no, I’m not a fashion icon, but today I walked down the street, feeling completely comfortable in my clothes and within myself, whilst looking pretty stylish and happy – a massive difference from who I was a year ago and what my attitude towards fashion and style was.

The Steps I Took

Defining What I Liked 

Letting myself go literally crazy whilst browsing ASOS, compiling wish-list after wish-list, pinning everything under the sun and trying all-the-things on in the shops are all things that help me discover and explore what I liked. Grabbing a minimum of 5 things in a shop and just trying out the cut of jean I didn’t think I liked opened my eyes to a whole new world – one where I could experiment and play around with looks, and not feel restrained to what was ‘me’.

Building From the Ground Up

The best way to start fresh is to make sure nothing is left lurking in the shadows. Getting rid of everything I wasn’t wearing or didn’t like allowed me to feel like I was starting from scratch and building things differently this time. I sorted through everything, chucking some and selling a lot else. Now my wardrobe was pretty sparse I could finally see what I really needed

Looking At Myself

Before I headed to the shops (or you know, to ASOS) I had to take a good hard look in the mirror. What did I need from my clothes? What did I currently like wearing and feel comfortable – how could I expand my current selection and tastes without it becoming stale? Thinking about all these things helped me understand myself and my relationship with style more. Do I want to look like a fashion blogger – laden with accessories over my minimalistic chic? Not really. Do I want to work with my shape, be able to move in my clothes and express myself through flattering cuts, textures and colour? Bingo!

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Finally being able to see what I needed to round off outfits, and compliment favourite pieces allowed me to step back and make a real plan of attack. Instead of buying another top I loved the cut of, I could see that buying a new pair of shoes would have a bigger impact on my wardrobe selection, and in turn, my ease and confidence in putting outfits together.

Learning That I Deserve to Look (and feel) Good

This is probably the best step that I’ve taken in the last six months. If you don’t read any of this post (I’m all for skimming too) then at least read read this bit. I feel like much of the time when I ‘didn’t care’ about clothes was simply because I felt that no matter what I did, I wouldn’t look or feel good. Maybe I thought I was too fat to look fashionable, that I wouldn’t feel comfortable not ‘blending in’ or because it would always look like I was trying too hard. This is absolute bull***.

I now know that fashion and personal style are completely subjective. No one should be hiding away if they don’t want to – regardless of size, taste, budget, everyone deserves to look and feel good. I genuinely believe that dressing how you like and rocking it like an absolute babe is a form of fantastic self-love – and who’s not for self-love? Exactly.

Looking Forward

Yes, I’ve still got a long journey ahead of me – which no doubt I will document – I’m not calling myself a fashion blogger just yet, and don’t expect tonnes of outfit posts from now on… I’m still working on that one.

I’d love to hear about your relationship with style and fashion – whether you have a quick anecdote to share, or a link to a blog post of your own of a similar subject!

Finally, if you’re in the kind of place that I was a year or so ago – break the rules you’ve set yourself – stop wearing the things you don’t like – find at least one piece that fills you with joy and wear it do death – you definitely deserve to feel enriched with fashion and style – we all do!

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