Instagram Update

insta-collage1 Instagram Update

1. Ridiculously cute few days in north Norfolk in July. My two besties modelling that walking-into-the-sea chic everyone is going for right now. Ellie wrote a beautiful blog post about our day there, Windswept hair and sandy toes.

2. Feeling monochromatic in Burnham Market, Norfolk.

3. Cheeky LUSH haul. Picked up the now discontinued Vanilla Dee-Lite (which I’m now using very sparingly!), and Rub Rub Rub, which must be like my third tub…

4. Lunch date with Ellie (Not a Multiple Choice) at Bill’s. Pictured is the crab sandwich. Pickle won it for me.

5. Bargain peonies in Cathedral Square. Picked some up for Ellie (Not a Multiple Choice), who had to rush back to work after our lunch date.

6. Cute day in Hunstanton. This was only my second time there, and despite the crazy traffic (leading to some queue jumping) it’s quite a picturesque beach walk.

7. They bloomed! (Ellie said hers didn’t – boo!)

8. Obviously a bad few days led to some post holiday blues setting in. A classic sea and sky shot from Crete back in June.

9. A somewhat late arrival of a brilliant birthday present. A full day’s rally at Langley Park Rally School, I’d never done it before and surprisingly didn’t fend too embarrassingly. There is an accompanying DVD full of footage of me at the wheel (making inappropriate ‘Jim’ faces to camera whenever I knocked over a cone…).

10. Pretty Pantone books. Yellow seemed fitting.

11. Super hungover brunch at Bill’s. It was delicious… but I still went home and proceeded to not move for 12 hours.

12. One of many LUSH soaps that I’d like to buy a whole wheel of, purely for the cute design. (Apandapand pictured).

13. Connecting with nature for once in Ferry Meadows.

14. Picture of a very relaxed (after being stuck in traffic all morning – damn bank holiday weekend) afternoon at a family friend’s house. Que super cosy and snooze-fuelled tea and cake.

15. I’m not one for landscapes, however, climbing up Mam Tor in the Peak District is one way to clear your head and start thinking straight again. Also, it’s a way to realise how unfit you are.

16. Seeing ‘Two’ at Westacre Theatre in Norfolk. Hilarious.

17. An angry looking sunset.

18. Driving down the A47. Considering whether the reason I like driving so much is because it’s another chance to view spectacular sunsets like the one above.

19. Very naughty American diner food before heading up a big hill (that was our excuse).

20. Reflections on Erlend G. Høyersten’s OUT OF THE DARKNESS exhibition at ARoS (ARoS Museum, Aarhus, Denmark). I visited with my mother, who’s pictured, over a year ago. In a perfect world I’d see this colourful, yet dark and thought-provoking exhibition once again before it closes on 15 October.

21. A cosy (but super sad) leaving meal with my besties, noshing on burgers at The Handmade Burger Co. Wishing them all the best with university (don’t get me wrong though, I’m lost without them).