Instagrammable Ways to Spend Your Afternoon

I don’t know about you, but I love weekends jam-packed of exciting activities. Going into the city, exploring strange streets and getting my Instagram on, snapping everything and everything that’s inspiring or interesting.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that we can spend every weekend rushing around cities, exploring, eating and spending all our bill money. So what do we do when we need some boss Instagrams a little closer to home?

Well, I know I don’t have all the answers, but I have a few right here that might just hit the spot.

Photo-19-01-2018-13-36-21 Instagrammable Ways to Spend Your Afternoon

Colourful wall hunt

If you live in as beige a city as I do, then you’ll understand how bloody difficult this task can be. In places like London and Edinburgh, everywhere you turn there’s a pop of colour and if you get lost you can simply turn to the hundreds of online guides about the colourful streets and where to find them. Outside of the big cities, however, things seem to be a lot more neutral. So let’s go on a hunt.

The end of terrace houses, blocks of flats and even garage doors can be hidden gems, so get walking and exploring and stumble across your new favourite photo background – and then don’t keep it a secret.

Local independent cafe

As tempting as it is to just head into Costa, heading to your local independent coffee shop is nearly always more interesting. Not only are we supporting local business by doing this, but we’re also engaging with the experience of something new – which really helps us stay mindful and enjoy the moment.

Independent places are nearly always more Instagrammable too – probably because they know that creating a nice environment is something that the likes of Costa struggle with. I mean, who wants to sit in a dark, brown cafe when that place with industrial lighting and marble table-tops is just across the road?

Visit a flower market

Most places have little markets on at some point during the week. If you’re closest local is a bit grimy and not very Instagrammable, then check out some neighbouring villages and towns. My absolute favourite flower market was in Oakham (which is still an easy train ride away). They had a great range of blogger favourites and they were a fraction of the price of the supermarkets. Hurrah.

After the trip out, you can do so much with your spoils. Using them as props in photographs, arranging them and getting them on display or even using them as inspiration for a colour palette for your next project. Flowers are just amazing (and oh so Instagrammable).

Plan outfits

If it’s a bit drizzly or if you feel like you need to do something a little productive, then spend an hour or two planning out some outfits. Rediscover some old gems you had forgotten and maybe even get a cracking outfit flat-lay out of it all.

It’s always when playing around with what we have that I think we really have a chance to step out of our comfort zone. Playing with colours, textures and combinations gives us great insight into what we really like – not just what we like to Instagram.

Walk at golden hour

Everyone is always banging on about golden hour light. It’s bright, warm and flattering in the right places. Golden hour light is a photographer’s best friend as it makes shots interesting and dynamic. Going out for a walk and catching golden hour gives you a great opportunity to capture some magic of your own.

Whether it’s a few outfit shots, some self-portraits or a snap of that pretty skyline, experimenting with the light before sunset is bound to throw up some interesting results.

Organise everything by colour

Another one for a dreary day. Sorting your wardrobe or bookcase out and re-organizing by colour is just a whole load of fun. It’s like doing a job that’s boring and making it creative and exciting. Obviously, it does work better if you have a colourful wardrobe or if you’re drawn to colourful books – but if anyone can make it work no matter what, it’s you.

This can turn almost anything into a feature. Bookcases, hanging rails, store cupboards (yeah, I might be pushing the boat out there) can all look amazing when organised by colour. Just try it.

Let me know what you do when you’re in desperate need of some Insatgrammable glory. Do you jump on a train to go exploring, or head around the corner to your favourite local spot?

Until next time,