An Interior Switcheroo: Home Study

Finally, my second Interior Switcheroo is here! If you missed out on the first instalment, where I completely transformed our loft room into a useable and comfortable bedroom for yours truly, then check it out hereDon’t fret if you’re not up to speed with my current interior projects, though, I’ll give you a quick run down right now…

I live at home (if ya didn’t know), but thankfully I live in a home where creative expression is very much encouraged. This paired with my powerful persuasion skills nearly always swings fun interior projects into the limelight (it’s kind of my passion). Late last year I decided to move my bedroom back up into the unused (but cluttered) loft room, freeing up my bedroom for my brother and the downstairs front room.

This front room has never had a solid place in this home but I hope that thanks to this month of hard work and creative playing around, we’ve finally solidified its purpose and can finally start using this space more effectively.

Photo-01-03-2017-14-23-05 An Interior Switcheroo: Home Study

Turning this room into a home study/office was decided for several different reasons. Firstly, my mum needed a place for her writing outside of her job and secondly, I was fed up of living in my bedroom. Sleeping, eating and working in one place isn’t the perfect equation for productivity. Once I’d moved into the loft room, the room downstairs was freed and it seemed like the perfect answer the dysfunctionality we were experiencing in our home.

So, roughly three months after part one of three (yes, you can expect the final instalment in another month or two) interior switcheroo’s was started, part two is basically finished (read on till the end to find out why it’s not ‘completely’ done).

That enough introduction for ya? Good.

Without further ado, let’s get stuck into some before and after pics, shall we?


Brace yourself, guys. The following before pictures are of the room in it’s complete, unadulterated mess (eeek!). The front room, former dining room and old throw-everything-in-it room is a really nice size. It had a thin partition wall in what used to be an open walkway in between the two reception rooms. With a pretty feature fireplace (not usable anymore) and traditional alcoves, this room has always had great potential to be something pretty incredible.

Space for my Mother’s piles and piles of books was probably the main concern when we started this project, as well as creating a workable, creative space that could be transformed into an extra reception room when needed.

After much deliberation, we eventually got started on the room in early February. Settling on a feature fireplace and extra book storage in the form of a dual-sided bookcase in place of the partition wall, as the main focus of the switcheroo.


Building the wall of book boxes (catchy name, right?) was definitely the most time-consuming part of the project. Surprisingly, it only took six sheets of MDF and a lot of time put in by the in-house carpenter/builder/handyman (thanks, Dad).

We worked to four set widths (and three different heights – the boxes getting slightly shorter as they go up), meaning that the boxes could be taken down and re-arranged in a completely different pattern. Within these widths we either created a deep box or a half deep box, facing the opening of the box (the shelf side) toward whichever room we thought was applicable. For example, the bottom right-hand triangle all faces this way because that’s where the TV is in the lounge – it’d be pointless having shelving behind the TV, wouldn’t it?

They were painted flat white and assembled on a shallow plinth (to correct the natural wonkiness of the house…) before being fixed to one another and completely filled with books!

Once this mammoth sized part of the project was in progress, we gave the whole room and ceiling a coat of good quality flat white (good quality meaning wipeable and trade standard) before turning our attention to the feature fireplace.

I painted the pretty fireplace this beautiful pink shade from the Dulux Heritage range (which is the perfect muted-but-punchy Instagrammable pink). We wallpapered the chimney breast in another MissPrint number (the same brand as I used for my loft bedroom feature walland created an inset box/shelf to fill up the empty used-to-be-a-proper-fireplace space.

If I’m being honest I was unsure about how this particular MissPrint paper would turn out. There was a distinct lack of visual examples of it online and I honestly thought it would look like massive polka dots on the wall (which isn’t the look I’m going for…). I’m very happy with the final look, though! It’s striking and on a bigger surface it would definitely be too much, but on this scale, it’s pretty damn fine.

Fireplace Paint: DH Blossom in Satinwood

Wallpaper: MissPrint Kaleidoscope in Peppermint


Hurrah! Welcome to the freshly decorated and re-designed front room in Castillo Rouncefield.

The bookcase wall is fully stocked in all it’s glory and looks better than I could have ever imagined. I love how it’s not chock-a-block with books and what not, the blanked out shelves really give your eye a break and helps us to appreciate each individual box. I’d love to get some more plants hanging down in front of the empty boxes and possibly play around with the balance of books, storage and greenery – a welcome dip back into shelf styling is definitely needed! (Perhaps I should read my Shelf Styling post again…)

The MissPrint feature wall is definitely not to everyone’s taste, but I love how it brightens up the room and is so striking. Across the room, the blinds are made to fit from 24/7 Blinds and the absence of heavy curtains really opens the room up.

Wooden Blinds: Cotswold, Marble Grey Venitian Blind

Desk: Ikea Lisabo Desk

Desk Trestles: Ikea Finnvard Trestle with Shelf

For a week or so I’ve been debating whether to write and publish this post yet. If you hadn’t noticed, not everything is finished with this room yet. The fireplace box still needs painting (what colour should this be? I’m absolutely stumped…), my Mum’s desktop needs refreshing and there’s a space in one corner for a chair that funds can’t allow for just yet.

Instead of waiting another month or two to share the perfect room with you all, I’m taking this as an opportunity to be imperfect and real. The room is completely transformed – finished with 80% of its journey but still completely workable and a heck-of-a-lot better than it once was.

P.S. Part of me also knows that when it’s 100% finished I’ll think of something else to improve or tinker with… that’s the life of being in love with changing interiors!

I’d love to hear your opinions on the room transformation!

What do you think?


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