Interior Trends For This A/W

interior-trends-for-this-a-w Interior Trends For This A/W

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The season of blankets, book reading and hot chocolate season is upon us.

No, not Christmas (but omg that is actually pretty soon I should probably start thinking about it). Mid to late autumn is one of my favourite times of the year. Things feel relaxed, life feels a little slower and we all have a little bit of extra down time to spend at home and get some of those 2016 goals completed.

As a real homebody (who gets ridiculously homesick every time I step on a form of transport) making my own space feel comfortable and quintessentially me is always high on my agenda, and that never changes, whatever interior trend passes by.

Today I’m running through some of the nicest trends for your interiors this A/W (in my opinion) and sharing some pieces that I would snap up in a millisecond (you know, if funds and space allowed).


Velvet isn’t just making itself known in dresses, skirts and shoes, it’s one thing that seems to have transcended all categories and is the hot fabric to be wearing and sitting on this year.

I love velvet cushions right now and the look and weight of velvet curtains. Against a modern room, they look luxurious and not as dated as you might think. A fresh colour works well for daytime rooms, whilst heavier, classic emerald shades look great in bedrooms. Super soft cocktail chairs and sofas are the height of comfort-in-style and the amount of times I’ve pinned my dream living room on Pinterest (avec velvet sofa) is countless.

Blush and Burgundy

Pantone’s colour of the year, Rose Quartz is still making the rounds and hs definetly taken the blogger world a little bit by storm. I also love the autumnal addition of burgundy to my favourite colour palettes, crossing over from my wardrobe into my interior preferences.

The rustic crystal drawer knobs from Oliver Bonas are the perfect combination of this trend, subtle, textured and oh-so-beautiful (remind me to get my hands on some, stat).


Although the bright copper craze has died down (about time, right?) metallic finishes are still all the rage. I’m loving the increase of hammered metals that arn’t the glaring centrepiece of the room, as well as the mix of metals and wood in furniture, fixtures and fittings.

Brushed and tarnished metals are beautifully subtle amongst smaller decor too, adding more texture to a #shelfie, earthy tones to a modern room and just a sprinkling of glamour (in the chic, non-tacky way).

Natural Materials

The sleek, super-futuristic and modern look is probably the opposite of that homely and comfortable vibe we all want for our interiors. Thankfully, wood seems to be back into the mix (I mean wood has never gone anywhere, but people seem to be doing it nicely now…). My favoured tone of wood is light and cool as it compliments bright colours nicely.

Marble is still around (will it ever not be?) and getting chicer season to season. Rough glaze ceramics also have me enchanted this Autumn, think the literal opposite of geometric designs.

What’s best about stunning natural materials in interiors is how they can be sprinkled across a room in little or large quantities and just work. Try it for yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

I’d love to hear what you’re pining after for your interior style this A/W. Are you just waiting to break out the furry blankets and tartan cushions, or are you into your blush and burgundy still? (Like me).

Let me know and tempt me into spending more money on making my bedroom look like Pinterest goals… I’ll only thank you.

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