Investing In Your Beauty Routine (When You Don’t Have A Lot To Invest)

We can probably all agree that it’s tough being a beauty lover without all the bells and whistles to Instagram or the newest, cult-est cleanser to dissolve our make-up.

It is possible, however, to invest in our beauty routines and our love for all things skincare, bubble bath and highlighter in capital-free ways.

Whether you’re in between jobs, saving for something big, or just appalled at how much you actually spend each month on beauty (been there, done that), this is a handy little guide on how to stay in tip-top condition whilst keeping your pennies.

Read on to discover some of the best ways to invest in your beauty routine (when you don’t have much to invest).

Photo-06-03-2017-17-17-21 Investing In Your Beauty Routine (When You Don't Have A Lot To Invest)

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Be gentle with your skin, whether you have sensitive skin or not, don’t throw everything at your skin at once and expect it to handle it well. Using good quality products (that don’t have to be expensive) regularly and becoming aware of what your skin thanks you for (and what it shouts at you for) will save you so much hassle in the long run.

For example, I know my skin looks, feels and performs better (I know, a weird thing to think of skin doing, but it performs each and every day for us) when I’ve adequately moisturised it. When I’ve skipped a few days of slathering my pins in Palmer’s Cocoa butter, they’re almost impossible to shave and get super dry and itchy, much like the arrival of unsightly dry patches and flakiness of my face when I don’t stick to my routine properly.

Spending five or ten minutes extra each day giving your skin real basic treatment is the minimum we can all do serve ourselves well.

Start Pummelling Your Face ASAP

In my recent post, 10 Things-To-Do This March, I mentioned that I’ve recently taken up daily facial massage. I said it there and I’ll say it again, this is the number one thing that has transformed my skin in recent weeks. No, starting to spend a few minutes pummelling your face whilst cleansing isn’t going to banish imperfections and airbrush your skin, but it will do some equally impressive things.

First and foremost it will ensure that your face is cleansed properly, removing those last traces of makeup, dirt and oil that all like to make themselves at home. Secondly, it will encourage circulation, which is vital to gaining that glow and improving pigmentation and acne scarring. On top of all of this, it’s amazingly therapeutic at the end of a stressful day, or beautifully energising in the early morning.

Check out Caroline Hiron’s skincare sheet for the basics, or Lisa Eldridge’s video if you want to see some badass facial massaging in action.

You Don’t Have To Have The Best of Everything

Skincare Queen, Caroline Hirons, always stresses that you should invest in facial skincare as much as you can afford. That means that if you can’t manage that top-end serum, cleanser and moisturiser, then that’s okay. Everyone will find their own steps of their routines to invest in and this really will change depending on what your skincare budget is and what your skin needs the most.

Personally, I am currently invested in a high-quality second-step cleanser (it sees no make-up), brilliant eye cream and an SPF. When I can I’ll definitely be adding a good day-time moisturiser to that list, but everything else, as far as I’m concerned, doesn’t need to be up there in price. This will obviously differ to everyone, you might get along great with budget cleansers and choose to invest in super high-quality serums and night creams, or you might get along great with budget cleansers and moisturisers, but need a higher-quality make-up remover.

It’s absolutely possible to survive without your whole skincare routine being from Space NK (I didn’t believe this in the past, but now I really, really do). Same goes for body care and makeup, experiment and find out with what you can live with and what sends your beauty care results into mayhem without it.

It Doesn’t All Cost Money

Fresh air, water and a bit of sweating now and then does wonders for that healthy glow. The best part? All these things are basically free! To drink enough water per day, get outside for half an hour or run up and down the stairs, fifty times doesn’t eat into our savings or money for fun.

Your Future Self Will Thank You

Without making this sound like a cop-out from the rest of the post, the number one things we can all invest in our beauty routines is time and consistency. It’s that extra two minutes in the bathroom each morning and the reluctant removal of our make up when we stumble in at 5am, that our future selves will thank us for.

Lately, I’ve definitely felt the pain of laziness when it comes to skincare and beauty. Especially when the results of such easy actions can lead to us feeling so much better and confident within ourselves, I for one am completely done with not putting in the time and effort.

What’s your favourite way to invest in beauty, whether it’s your favourite skincare product or the routine that keeps you glowing, let me know.

If you started reading this as a boutique beauty lover with a lack of funds, I hope this little post has shown you another kind of light at the end of the tunnel (or maybe just reminded you that Cult Beauty exists… sorry).

Until tomorrow,