Latest Skincare Empties: What Was Worth It?

PORTRAIT-TEMPLATE-skincare-empties Latest Skincare Empties: What Was Worth It?

There comes a time in every skincare-obsessives life where your moisturiser starts to wheeze a little as you squeeze it, and although deep down in your heart you know the end is near, you spend the next week bashing the poor little guy against the dresser like it’s a ketchup bottle, hoping to reap every last drop of the stuff…

At least that’s been the deal with these skincare products. PS. Check out my last empties post, here!

I have been eking them out for a while, and keeping the completely empty containers in my skincare collection – why? Who knows! I must have a hoarding problem (or I’m just a bit of a cheapskate and want to get my money’s worth).

Read on to see which products are all used up, a mini review of each and some insight about whether I’m looking to repurchase them, or if you should give them a go!

skincare-empties-spring-01 Latest Skincare Empties: What Was Worth It?

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream: This rich, balmy and ultra-soothing cream is basically my dream moisturiser. The Ultra Facial Cream from Kiehl’s is the moisturiser that turns everything it touches into velvety smooth magic. After powering through several of the smaller sized tubs last summer I made a big commitment and picked up the larger value size. I’ve talked about this in more detail, here!

If you asked me if I had any hero skincare products, the Ultra Facial Cream would probably be my only answer. It always leaves my sometimes acne-prone and dehydrated face soft, smooth and well hydrated.

Although I’m enjoying using more budget moisturisers (which you most certainly will be hearing about soon… hint hint) I would not hesitate to repurchase this again, and if my budget allowed it, I’d already be slathering a new tub all over my face.

Enjoyed using it? YES
Who’s it best for? Dry, Dehydrated or Sensitive Skin
Would I repurchase? YES

La Roche-Posay Hydreane Light Moisturising Cream: A hydrating although slightly tacky daytime moisturiser; I did a full review after a month or so of use, you can check that out, here!

In hindsight (which is a beautiful thing) I didn’t enjoy this as much as I first thought. Sitting as a comfortable layer of moisture under my make-up, it did the job of hydration well enough, but it had quite a strong fragrance to it, and more often than not, it went a bit bobbly or bally under my make-up.

For a mid-range priced moisturiser I can’t say it’s worth a repurchase – there are many more reasonably priced skincare products that are much more enjoyable to use.

Enjoyed using it? Not really 
Who’s it best for? Normal to combination, non-sensitive skin 
Would I repurchase? YES

REN Clarimatte: This has been sitting on my skincare shelf, very nearly empty, for a long time. That already tells you a lot about how I felt towards this exfoliating toner from REN. It’s not bad. It’s not brilliant; so it’s somewhere in-between.

It felt refreshing on my skin and did feel smooth immediately after use; however that’s where the effects stopped. There was no massive exfoliating action and after the rest of my skincare routine, my skin had already forgotten about it. Considering it’s not a cheap exfoliating toner, there’s better ways to spend your money.

For all there is to know about exfoliating toners, check out the skincare queen, Caroline Hirons (as if you haven’t already heard about her). I’ve also written about other popular toners, which you can read about, here: The Way to Exfoliate

Enjoyed using it? Only until I realised it wasn’t very effective
Who’s it best for? Acne-prone, unevenly textured skin 
Would I repurchase? NO

skincare-empties-spring-00 Latest Skincare Empties: What Was Worth It?

Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream: Probably the first eye cream I’ve ever actually purchased; (which means I’m an adult now, obviously) Benefit’s offering was sold on the (one and only) success of a sample size being used up and actually enjoyed.

It was soothing on my sensitive and often irritated eye areas; it worked well as a thin layer in the daytime as well as a thicker layer before bed – basically all you could want from an eye cream, until I reach the ripe old-age of my mid-twenties, where I’ll have to crack out the anti-aging products.

Although I haven’t tried many eye creams, this is the most comfortable one I have tried so far, and it might end up being my eye care hero! I would like to try other brands however; currently I have my eye on the creamy avocado from Kiehl’s! Would anyone recommend that?

Enjoyed using it? YES
Who’s it best for? People with eyes (who just don’t want them to be dry)
Would I repurchase? MAYBE

There we have it, a solid favourite (and frequent empty), two no-goes and an eye cream adventure-voyage on the cards… who knew skincare could be so exciting! (I did, actually – I love it).

Thanks for reading my latest Skincare Empties write-up! Have you tried any of the products mentioned above? What did you think of them?

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