The Life of a Stationery Addict

stationery-pinnable The Life of a Stationery Addict

Stationery and I have gotten to the point where I’m pretty sure my name will be listed under the definition of addict. There is very little more satisfying than the delivery of a new roll of washi tape, writing with your favourite pen, writing to-do lists or planning out the week ahead accompanied by sticker books and stamps.

I can’t say that I’ve always had this level of affinity with stationery, I can however admit that I am relishing in it, and will encourage it until it becomes unhealthy and appears scary from the outside (like all the others).

image-4 The Life of a Stationery AddictPhoto-15-08-2016-14-53-49 The Life of a Stationery Addict

After seeing the unbelievable hype of the #omgbandoagenda tag on Instagram, I very quickly decided that my life was meaningless without one of these compact and colourful 18-month planners in my life. Being the sassy and painstakingly alternative woman I am (lol) the sunglasses agenda arrived the very next day (thanks, ASOS) and my plot to actually control my life began.

Very soon after diving into the world of Plan With Me, (where I was cultivating tips and tricks for keeping your planner in tip-top visual condition) I realised that my life was lacking in washi tape options – believe me, only having five isn’t enough… Four new rolls of tape later and I was a reasonably satisfied addict.

My absolute favourite of the bunch has to be this Green Jungle pattern from Maste, very closely followed by the MT Blue on Sakura Grid – a design I never looked twice at, until my Fox & Star order was decorated with it… so I can actually blame someone else for that one.

Photo-15-08-2016-14-52-41 The Life of a Stationery Addictimage-3 The Life of a Stationery Addict

Have you ever thought that you already have enough notebooks in your life? If you have then I’m sorry to tell you that you are wrong. I’ve been in your boat, I really have, but that was before my sweet, sweet mother treated me to this PU Leather mini notebook, embossed with Bright On Ideas embossed in gold, from Posh Totty Designs on Brighton seafront.

This notebook is gorgeously soft, vibrant and perfectly pocket sized. It also looks great with my new Livework pens that I picked up from Fox & Star… Now if I can only decide which bright ideas to jot down into it (I know I’m bragging but I do have a lot).

Despite these beautiful pieces of paper-come-art, my stationery soul never seems to be wholly satisfied. Well, that and I feel kind of bad showing off all my real sexy bits without giving something back to you…

With the fresh ink in my pens, I’ve already curated an edited list of what else us stationery addicts need in our collections – the collections that will undoubtedly make our whole lives more organised, look far more chic, and run more smoothly… right?

Enjoy my list of must-have (and soon to overdraw my bank account with) stationery and planning favourites:

1) Dinosaur Washi Tape – 2) Self-Love Stickers – 3) Moglea To-Do Daily Jotter – 4) Ban.Do Sticker Book – 5) Livework Pattern Ballpen – 6) Foliage Notebooks – 7) MT Peach on Cream Grid Washi tape – 8) Livework Colour Block Point Pens – 9) Moglea Make Today Lovely Notepad

Speak up if you’re a fellow lover of pretty paper goods! Are you on the agenda scene – or are you more a bullet journal type of gal? (I’ve heard a lot of them lately). Let me know what your favourite stationery piece is!

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