Little Joys of the Festive Season That I Can’t Wait For

You might be thinking that this post has been published a week or so early… but you sir, are mistaken. Sure, it may be a little early to start spreading the festive cheer (who am I kidding, it’s never too early) – but instead of typing up a Black Friday post and trying to get you to click all of my bastard affiliate links (no shade), I’ve decided to skip this ultimately overwhelming week and think about CHRISTMAS.

A couple of evenings ago I headed into town to embark on my annual festive-wrap-buying-experience. Boy oh boy, did this spark some festive energy up inside of me. It was either the cold air with the combination of my fluffy scarf, the John Lewis advert song chiming along behind me, or the Christmas lights that are predictable but comforting which made a chilly November evening feel like a stone’s throw away from the bustling evenings of Christmas week.

This all got me thinking about some of my favourite moments during the festive period each year. The traditions and quirky habits that we all look forward to, plan for and love to snap and share – as far as I’m concerned these little joys is what makes Christmas for me.

Photo-23-11-2017-18-37-56 Little Joys of the Festive Season That I Can't Wait For

Arguing over which baubles to put on the tree

Recently, I bought that Paperchase croissant-shaped glass bauble. As soon as I bought it my mother stated that it was coming no-where near the main Christmas tree – but she can go to hell. It’s cute, quaint and will hold pride of place on the tree in the living room (whilst reminding me how wonderful croissants are).

Since my parents have been in this house for over 25 years, we have a lot of festive decor to trawl through every year. We all have different favourite baubles and you can imagine the arranging that goes on when everyone is out… completely normal, right?

Making everyone else feel bad about their wrapping skills

I am a boss at wrapping presents – I’m not even going to be coy about it. I love wrapping presents and every year I love compiling a few gorgeously wrapped presents, snapping them and making everyone else feel utterly crap about their own efforts. Of course, I do like to share a tip or two, so keep an eye out for a wrap-specific post coming next week.

The act of wrapping presents is seriously ritualistic for me. A cuppa, some tunes or YouTube videos and a couple of hours solely dedicated to beautifying every little thing I’ve purchased for my friends a family – to the point that sometimes the wrapping ends up costs more than the gift inside. As always, it’s the thought that counts.

Eating the chocolate oranges three weeks before Xmas

Now, it’s not Christmas without a chocolate orange in your stocking. Firstly, yes, I still get a few little bits in a stocking every year and secondly, it’s rare that the chocolate orange makes it to the stocking – and that’s a little tradition of my own.

They’re never well hidden and I’ve always got a craving for some orange flavoured chocolate late on a Sunday night. Every year it’s just a recipe for disaster. Thankfully, Terry’s chocolate orange is always a quid somewhere, so I can stock up and secretly replenish when the originals… disappear.

Asking what people want for Christmas a million times

… and then buying them something you want them to like instead.

In my house especially, the question of, ‘What do you fancy for Christmas?’ finds its way into every dinner table conversation. People are either super indecisive or like to play it coy about what they’d really like – ultimately making the task nearly impossible to complete with any swiftness.

Most years we’ll all love the gifts we give one another, even though they are mostly what the other person should want, i.e. what we’d like them to wear, use or display. It might not be the most straightforward method of gift-giving, but I think it works for most people – does it work for you?

Getting wrapped up + ending up sweating like a pig

You know the story, it’s chilly outside, the sun has set and you need to brave the walk to the pub (or the shops to polish off that Christmas shopping). The only way to face it is to get another jumper on, that new fluffy scarf, a cute bobble hat and maybe a pair of phone-ready gloves for good measure. Fast-forward twenty minutes and under the five layers of wool, cotton and polyester mix is a very sweaty person.

Okay, so maybe this isn’t a joy of the festive season, but it’s a sure sign that the season has well and truly started – don’t you think? Even though walking into a restaurant or shop looking like a hot mess isn’t necessarily festive, it’s all part of the fun – isn’t it?

Listening to the same Christmas song on repeat

We all have a favourite Christmas song – and I’m no exclusion. Whilst the Mariah Carey’s and the Wham’s have their place on my Xmas playlist, the tune that gets put on repeat for at least four hours on Christmas Eve is Stop The Cavalry.

I can listen to it forever and it’s the one song that screams Christmas to me (closely followed by Billy Joel’s Piano Man – and yes I’m well aware that it’s not a Christmas song). I’m sure by hour two or three it’s getting on people’s wick, but is it even Christmas if one family member is peeving another off? I don’t think so.

There we have it – a few little traditions (that are sarcastically joyful) that I can’t wait for this Christmas. Every year is always different but these humorous events really ground the festive period for me.

I’d love to hear about some of your little festive joys that you can’t wait to enjoy this year.

Let me know in the comments – and let’s get excited about Christmas!

Until next time,


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