How To Live A Less Cluttered Life

Photo-28-09-2016-16-07-06 How To Live A Less Cluttered Life

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I don’t know about you, but whenever my space is freshly cleaned and decluttered, everything is just ten times better.

At one point, the space that I had was unnecessarily and almost ridiculously over saturated with furniture, things and stuff. As soon as I put my foot down and decided that, no, I wouldn’t miss those miscellaneous possessions that I haven’t touched for two years.

Getting rid of clutter can be a daunting task. There’s always the possibility that a bad decision will be made and two months down the line you’ll spend an afternoon desperately searching for that precious thing you threw away whilst on your de-cluttering high.

It’s a risk you’ll always have to take. Luckily for you, however, I’m here to share some alternate tips for living amongst less clutter.

This is a run down of physical changes we can all make to start living with less clutter.

Regularly Sort Through Your Wardrobe

Pulling out that reject prom dress from five years ago every time you’re in a panic about what to wear, is always going to slow down the process a little (and your day). Why not do yourself a favour and throw it away (even throwing it into the arms of a friend or charity shop is a step).

Sorting through your wardrobe every few months not only keeps the ‘clothes chair’ from piling up, it also slims your wardrobe and makes mornings much less of a hassle (plus a few extra pennies if you’re an eBay fan).

Invest In Storage

Whether it’s a built-in wardrobe or good quality under-the-bed boxes, we can’t realistically live without a little help from IKEA.

Having storage that’ll last you a good few years makes it easier for us to store those things that we’ll come back to. Even investing in a good laundry basket makes the floor less likely to be covered in clothes. Investing in drawer dividers makes things easier to find, and good under-the-bed sealable boxes are great protectors for the bits we’re just not ready to say goodbye to.

Take 60 Seconds

One of the best habits I’ve learnt in the last few years (all thanks to Gretchen Rubin and her fantastic books) is to always do that thing that’s nagging you, if only for 60 seconds. This could be putting the contents of your handbag away as soon as you walk in the door, starting to unload the dishwasher, or taking that pile of cardboard boxes down the stairs, putting them one step closer to being out of your space.

Applying this rule to anything really helps keep things in order. It’s really surprising how much you can get done in 60 seconds, and it’s even more surprising how this 60 seconds can spark you to carry on for five or ten minutes (and this is especially good when a good mood isn’t on your side).

Seasonally Rotate Your Make-Up

Even if you’re not a self-confessed makeup addict, it’s probably fair to say that you still have a collection that would put any 15-year-old to shame. Not matter how many pretty Muji drawers you have on your dresser, it’s easy for the set up to look crowded and for it to look like you’ve got a bit of a problem.

Selecting your favourite pieces each month or so and storing the rest of your collection holds similar benefits to sorting through your wardrobe. Also, it can help you from getting stuck in a make-up rut by forcing you to use your collection equally.

P.S. Check up on makeup expiry dates!

Contain Your Hoarding

There are some things that we’ll never want to bid farewell to – for me, it’s things like birthday cards, ticket stubs, leaflets and reminders of fun times I’ve had. Instead of letting these memories fill my space, I contain them to a memory box (which does need an upgrade pretty soon). Keeping these items contained helps me control them, and yes I do go through the box every now and then to expel anything less than extraordinary.

Whatever your hoarding vice is, try to contain it. Perhaps it’s a shoe collection contained to several shoe racks, photos contained to one photo shelf, or sunglasses contained to your small hallway sideboard. It’ll help keep the unnecessary clutter out of the way and help you keep tabs on your collection.

Create A ‘Buy List’

I’m sure we’ve all been in the position where the clean, minimalised surroundings we have are soon filled up once again. Impulse buying without thinking through your real needs or wants are can often end up being a waste of money and the reason for another clear-out in six months time.

To combat this impulsive streak, I’ve started a ‘buy list’ that I refer to every time I’m feeling spendy. The list brings mindfulness to purchases, stopping the I-must-have-it-immediately feelings that can crop up. After all, you’ve been thinking about that new desk for months so why blow twenty quid on that pair of shoes… unless those shoes have also been on your buy list… then you’re stuck.

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Do you like life a little more when there’s less clutter on the shelves? Feel free to contribute your own favourite tip for living a slightly less cluttered life.

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