Lush Kitchen Exclusives: Haul & Review

The Lush Kitchen isn’t a new discovery to me, nor is it to many Lush fans. The last few years that the Kitchen has been around is proving that the call for exclusive or retro products is a loud one. Throughout the month of December my eyes really opened to Kitchen products, although it wasn’t until the second week of January that the menu revealed some things I was actually interested in enough to pay for delivery (yes I’m that person when it comes to shipping costs).

lush-kitchen-0 Lush Kitchen Exclusives: Haul & Review lush-kitchen-01 Lush Kitchen Exclusives: Haul & Review

Happy Blooming Shower Jelly

It was an Instagram post of a vivid deep pink mixture being poured into clear tubs that led me to the Happy Blooming shower jelly. A rich and sweet (far from synthetic) cherry scent infused with subtle coconut which is very gentle – it’s mainly cherries, lovely sweet and summery cherries.

I’d never really tried out the shower jellies previously; I’d only bought them for my mother who is a massive fan of the novelty, wobbly form of soap. There’s no doubt that the scents of said jellies have always been appealing, I was just never sure whether I’d get on with them in action (I mean, it’s jelly).

To make my first jelly experience a little easier, I first chopped it up into more manageable chunks, mostly to lessen the chances of me dropping it and then slipping on it (which is something that would happen to me). I grabbed a chunk in the shower and used it as you’d use soap – although doing this wasn’t giving me much lather to work with – then I tried to use it in a shower lily but found that the jelly kept slipping out of the lily, still not producing much lather.

Running it under the tap whilst running a bath gives some great bubbles too, which is going to be my preferred method. It’s also a lot less hazardous (not that it’s really that hazardous in the first place) in the bath – you’re sitting down and dropping a chunk causes next to no freak-outs.

Don’t get me wrong, whatever way you use the jelly it makes everything smell amazing. The beautiful scent lingers on the skin and fills up a steamy shower with no effort. I’m glad I picked up the exclusive shower jelly – it looks like it’s going to take a while to get through, which means I don’t have to ration it out until summer, which is the ultimate season for washing yourself in cherry scented bath products, so I’m told.

lush-kitchen-02 Lush Kitchen Exclusives: Haul & Review lush-kitchen-03 Lush Kitchen Exclusives: Haul & Review

Happy Thoughts Bath Oil

Bath oils are a freshly expanded range in the Lush permanent line; many of them have been reformulated from the bath melts range, making them much smaller and concentrated (and cuter). There’s a large range of bath oils in the Oxford Street store (which I’ve been to – yay!), and for a time they released the same line plus a few exclusives (I think) to the Lush Kitchen menu.

Happy Thoughts was the one I picked up because I could easily tell that I would love the fragrance. Firstly, it’s orange – I love orange scents – secondly, it’s called happy thoughts, so I assumed it would be in the Brightside (bubble bar) family. I was right. It’s fresh, citrusy and very orange. It arrived covered in chunks of salt, which dissolved very quickly when it was (very quickly) thrown into the tub.

This was my first experience of a Lush bath oil (what a post of firsts!) and I’d heard it was best to put it in the bath whilst the water is running, to help disperse the oil. I did exactly that and watched my bath water get more and more orange (not a complaint). You could see the oil slowly dissolve and the orange ball get smaller and smaller, all whilst the gorgeous fresh orange scent filled the air.

The bath turned a milky orange colour (which was nice since clear bath water always makes me feel very naked… if you know what I mean) and my skin felt soft and hydrated afterwards – which is a nice change since hot baths usually dry my skin out terribly – hurrah to bath oils!

lush-kitchen-04 Lush Kitchen Exclusives: Haul & Review lush-kitchen-05 Lush Kitchen Exclusives: Haul & Review

I’m very happy with my two exclusive treats to myself – I only wish I’d ordered a few more Happy Thoughts… I guess another trip to Oxford Street is on the agenda! Have you ever ordered anything from the Lush Kitchen? Or have you missed out on anything that you’re begging to come back soon!?