The Make-Up Bag Experiment

This year I decided to shed my ‘beauty blogger’ habits and restrain my (not quite so) daily make-up use to a single make-up bag. Considering I didn’t wear make up for a solid month before Christmas, this hasn’t been very daunting and has resulted in me enjoying beauty and make-up again for the first time in a while.


My main motives for downsizing include the need for easy pack-and-go travel. Although I’m not jet-setting anywhere, I spend a few nights a week at my boyfriend’s house and there’s nothing more frustrating that remembering two bronzers but forgetting your eyebrow pomade (amirite?).

I also have grown tired of make-up taking up so much space. As we speak I still have two dresser drawers full of bath, body and makeup products, all things I’m reluctant to get rid of despite them gathering dust.

Starting to restrict my makeup to what I can keep in this makeup bag is my step one to stripping back my stash and making beauty a *bit* less of a hassle once again.

Photo-18-01-2017-13-39-52 The Make-Up Bag ExperimentPhoto-18-01-2017-13-38-11 The Make-Up Bag Experiment


Instead of running you through everything  in my make-up bag (not that it would take that long…) I’m just going to mention the bits and bobs that are worth mentioning.

By no means is this my dream makeup bag (I’ll need a dose of NARS and a new eyelash curler for that to be the case) but it’s doing well the few days I week I do decide to crack it out.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer | You know when you go outside and within two hours your foundation is a distant memory for your face? Yeah, me too. Since using this cute lil’ primer that dreaded disappearing act has pretty much ceased. Laura Mercier’s hydrating version is on my full-size list, I can assure you. 

L’oreal True Match | Probably the best budget foundation that I’ve ever used is the L’oreal True Match. Although it can sit a little dry during these colder months, it gives even coverage, lasts all day and matches my skin tone pretty perfectly. 

Zoeva 104 Buffer | Since my Beauty Blender made its acquaintance with the bin (it was basically shredded from heavy use) I’ve started using a good old fashioned buffing brush for base application. The Zoeva 104 is not only pretty AF, it works product in like a dream and gives me an even enough coverage so I don’t look like so much of a spotty blob on an evening. 

No7 Gel Finish in Soft Truffle | A cool-toned nude, this shade deserves my January spotlight (if I did a January spotlight). It’s been on my nails basically all month and keeps an amazing shine for a solid week or so. Minor chipping occurs and it’s a pretty chic nail look – perf

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip BalmWhether you consider lip balm to be part of your makeup or not (I’d say probably not), this is probably the only lip balm I’ve ever used for more than a few weeks without losing it or finding a better one. It’s super minty and moisturising and kind to the bees – right?

MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork | I swear I’ve been using this product for at least 18 months, pretty religiously, and it hardly seems dented! The creamy shadow is enough to suit any occasion (not that I have many occasions) and its long-lasting formula is the only shadow that deserves my time – someone must remind me to pick up some more shades ASAP.

P.S. I forgot to put my mascara in the shot *doh*, but it’s nothing special so we’ll just forget about it.

Do your makeup collection take up more space than is necessary? Or do you already live out of a makeup bag?

I’d love to hear what your thoughts on managing your beauty collections are too – it’s tough to not let things overrun if we’re not careful!

Sending organised thoughts your way,