How To Make Blogging Easier

Every now and then, no matter how much you love blogging and your blog – it can feel like a chore.

Another set of Pinterest friendly images, another chunk of time spent brainstorming ideas over and over, another hour hunched over the camera to get a good shot of your notebooks (this last one was literally my life).

Today I’m sharing with you a few pieces of sound advice (very tried and tested may I add). If you’ve found yourself struggling or feeling depleted of drive and motivation, give these a read!

Photo-16-09-2016-12-28-04 How To Make Blogging Easier

Work towards you own goals, not someone else’s

Now I have some first-hand experience with this one. Blogging when you don’t have your own personalised blog goals or aims is detrimental to not on your blog but to your sense of drive and confidence in your corner of the internet.

Without your own goals you sort of default to someone else’s (I think so at least). This happens through comparison which is the thief of joy if you didn’t know.

Set some goals for the month ahead – write them down (remember where you write them down…) and refer back to them each week. They could be as simple as ‘Post 3 times per week’ or ‘promote each post twice on Twitter’; as long as they’re a little bit of a challenge, they’ll help you keep that momentum going.

Start really using inspiration

It’s easy to see something brilliant on Pinterest and think I can’t do that… ‘Someone else has done it better’ or ‘I don’t want to copy them’. Nothing is original and inspiration should always be an homage to the original work.

Take inspiration from what you like and incorporate it into your own work. Play around with the way someone else has structured their post, it might work for you in a way you’d never imagined! Take a blog post idea that you love to read and brainstorm posts you could do similarly – perhaps even create a response post to the original content.

Personally, I would be over the moon if someone told me that my content was inspiring them to create something new to them. We’re a community after all, right?

Stay ahead of yourself

Yeah, this is exactly what you think it is… content calendars. Knowing what you’re posting not just tomorrow, but in two weeks has seriously changed how I prioritise my blogging time. Nothing is set in stone (I think that’s important) but everything written down on my calendar becomes a mini blogging goal – and you remember what I said about goals…

The same goes with social media platforms. Having a template or plan to work to for each update (to do with your blog) or post makes the whole social-media-scheduling thing ten times easier. If you’re already doing this with ease, it’s probably time to hop to the next tip!

Create a check-able marketing plan

You’ve got your SM scheduling down to a T, you’re seeing growth and you’ve got bigger goals to aim for – it’s time to get serious about this marketing business.

You could create an entire blog marketing plan (which is on my agenda soon) or you could create a smaller checkable list to make sure that every piece of content you share has the best potential of gaining impressions and interaction.

I love Melyssa Griffin’s FREE downloadable checklist since it covers all grounds for me. I try to apply it to every post and am constantly thanking it for putting my anxious mind at ease when it comes to blog marketing!

Use your Instagram images (or stock photos)

Photography is one of the most time-consuming activities for blogging (for me at least).  I used to think that I’d have to spend half an hour behind the camera every time I wanted a new post, now I’ve changed my approach and use my Instagram photos or general iPhone photos, whilst continually increasing my stock.

Read my Instagram tips to find out how to improve your Instagram game (part 2 coming soon!).

Free stock photos are also a great option if you’re short on time, light or equipment – especially for those posts that are hypothetical and ideas-based (it’s super hard to take a good snap of a concept… trust me).

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it

During a consistent blogging steak it can be far too easy to feel a little bit stale. Even if you’re creating good content and have an ace marketing plan, it’s easy to go “I need to do something different”.

The truth is, you probably don’t need to do something different (unless you’re bored or changing your blogging direction). Re-inventing the wheel is a heck-of-a-lot of work, damn right impossible and super unnecessary if you’re already experiencing growth!

Believe in what you’re doing now – it’s awesome!

Thank you for taking the time to make it to the end (and congratulations if you really did) – I’d love to know if you implement any of the tips I’ve shared – or your own personal experience for what you do when blogging seems like a task and a half…

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