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dsc_0374 Minimalist Accessories // & Other Stories

I have a complex about jewellery. It’s beautiful, stylish, and there really is something for everyone. It also comes in a (very) wide range of quality, can be an eyesore (trendy, but still…), and make me fidget like no-one’s business. At times it can be amazingly aggravating to see so many people rocking it, especially when some of us (cough cough) are supposedly incapable of it. However, this week I have felt relieved to discover that: there is hope for the likes of me. I picked these stunning little studs up from & Other Stories, they’re a beautiful grey slate colour with a smooth surface that reflects a nice amount of light to be kept discreet, but still draw the right attention to those ears of yours. I think the triangles are cute, geometrically on-trend, and just a little bit edgy. They have a whole range of minimalist, easy-to-wear jewellery, and I’m definitely going to have a look around the London store next time I’m down. For a jewellery phobic like myself, these will do me just fine until I take another step outside my fashion comfort zone!

Do you rock simplicity when it comes to jewellery? Or are you pulling off a bright, chunky, statement necklace?