Morning Pick-Me-Ups (For When You’re Down)

PORTRAIT-TEMPLATE-morning-pick-me-ups Morning Pick-Me-Ups (For When You're Down)

Lately I’ve been feeling a little down. Not the cheeriest start to a blog post, I know, but everyone has days or weeks where they feel stuck in a rut, down in the dumps or just a little unsatisfied.

Usually I can get of these rough patches within a few days, whether it is a change of routine, giving myself a stern talking-to, or letting myself off and allowing a mental break (just as important as pushing yourself sometimes).

My latest down-and-out period however, has hung around a little too long for my liking. A mix of post-birthday existentialism and a lack of plans for the warmer weather had me curled up in a den (yes, I built a den) eating bowls of ice cream and drinking far too much tea.

Yesterday morning I decided to pull myself out of it and de-constructed my den (all good things must come to an end…) sat in the sun for ten minutes (thank god it was sunny) and considered things that would make me feel better and help pull me out of a slump on a fresh day.

wednesday-04-1-of-6 Morning Pick-Me-Ups (For When You're Down)

1) Get out the opposite side of the bed (if you can) – This is one with a somewhat placebo effect, the decision to do something different changes your mind-set and this could ripple through the rest of your morning.

2) Stretch it out! Whether it’s an energizing forward fold, some arm swings or a full on yoga session it will wake your body up and get rid of that sluggish morning feeling.

3) DRINK (water – sorry if you got excited for a second…). You’ll instantly feel more with it after a glass of water, and a hydrated brain is a happy brain – you’ll actually be able to think and organise your day (and make better decisions than yesterday).

4) A long, hot bubble bath (if you’ve got the time) pamper yourself and nourish your soul with sweet smelling bath products – hello Lush…

5) Or a quick, refreshing shower (basically getting it over with asap)

6) Get the sunshine on your face & fresh air into your lungs! Yesterday morning, instead of going back to bed with my cuppa, I sat out on the sun-lounger for ten minutes. It was a mix-up of scenery and I got some vitamin D into my system – which we all need more of.

7) Ignore your phone! Being on my phone to much makes me anxious, especially first thing in the morning – I’m starting to leave it in my room as I get ready for the day – you focus more on the task at hand and don’t get distracted  by Instagram (easily done).

wednesday-04-2-of-6 Morning Pick-Me-Ups (For When You're Down)

8) Eat something tasty (but not another bowl of ice cream). Eggs and bacon, berries and yoghurt, if you’re on the go grab a banana – eating a yummy and nutritious meal will make you feel better (trust me).

9) Get inspired – whether it’s reading a blog post or magazine, remembering something you’re proud of, or listening to some up-beat music, (which I know can be hard when in a slump), slowly ease yourself into opening up to inspiring stimulus – I know a good quote can keep me going for the whole day.

10) Be creative. I don’t mean paint classic oil-on-canvas… Play around with your make-up (even if you’re not going out), doodle on your notepad, rearrange your wardrobe or shelves – if you’re a creative person doing these small-scale things is less daunting that starting that new project.

11) Plan something to look forward to! The age-old piece of advice… which can be super hard when you’re in a bad place. Start small – decide to take part in a blog chat, decide to go for a coffee this afternoon, ask to call a friend in the evening – a change of scenery at 7pm is something that often propels me through a bad day.

How do you drag yourself out of a rough patch? I hope you’ve got something to take from my humble list of pick-me-ups! I know we are all different, but if my method of cheering myself up can help you too, I’ll be very happy indeed.

Let me know what you think of my morning pick-me-ups – and please share your own in the comments!

In case you didn’t realise, I’m very much with the modern world and have Twitter and Instagram!