Must-Have Homeware

Here’s something exciting, all through January, my partner and I have actually started seriously discussing moving out of our parent’s houses and in together. Prompted by a career change with the introduction of less sociable hours on the horizon, we’ve decided that living together is the only good way we’re going to spend enough time together (if you can’t guess, I’m quite high maintenance and require a lot of time…). Exciting – right?

Although I do like to get ahead of myself, we’re still a good few months away from getting the ball rolling, but you can’t stop a girl dreaming, can you?

The last few weeks I have gone pretty Pinterest board mad, screenshotting anything and everything that is in my price bracket and could be embraced in a home of my own (even if it is a rental and I can’t wallpaper all the walls…).

Peach Chips Cushion – £55

Crosley Player ii – £115

Hexagonal Tray – £14

Leaf Print Duvet Set – £35

Bright Round Cushion – £25

Plant Table Runner – £10

Good Things Take Time Print – £17-£50

Fluffy Pink Cushion – £30

Round Bamboo Mirror – £100

Concrete Vase – £50

Work Lamp – £29

Cheese Plant Coasters – £15

I’d love to head if you’ve fallen head over heels for any of the pieces I’ve mentioned. I’m aware that everything is a little random, but this is literally just what I’ve been screenshotting and then dreaming about in the last few weeks.

It’s a long journey, I’ve been assured, but expect some moving out chat around these parts for the next 3-6 months (you know, dependent on how well our plans works out). Right now I’m probably most excited about going to look at some places and getting ourselves in a position to put down a deposit if we want to!

After that, you bet that I’m excited about furnishing the house and making every single corner fit for Instagram.

Remember to head over to my Pinterest and keep track of everything I’m dreaming of!

Also, any posts or advice about moving out or leaving your family home for the first time ever (eek!) are very welcome.

Sending cosy and homely thoughts your way,


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