My Favourite Scents of the Festive Season

There are many things that make Christmas Christmas – Christmas trees, gift-giving, pigs in blankets and even the sound of a champagne-since-9am fuelled nap. For me, there are always a few things that I only notice during the festive season, and many of them are smells and scents.

Sure, some scents are around all the time (if you’re in the right place) but many of us ignore their festive roots until December rolls around.

B9014144-B38D-4CA8-8CDC-499A5677F867 My Favourite Scents of the Festive Season

Chocolate Orange

It doesn’t have to be Terry’s Chocolate Orange (but it helps if it is), it could be a chocolate orange cookie, chocolate orange body scrub (yes it exists) or some fancy restaurant-esque dish.

Oranges are festive but also remind me of halftime at a football match and fresh orange juice in the scorching summer. Chocolate oranges have their place, and it’s the festive season. Cosy, comforting and punchy – just please let me eat the chocolate orange and not just smell it.

Rose Jam

I don’t want to start any LUSH addict arguments, but after years of practically inhaling Snow Fairy every year, I’ve grown to prefer Rose Jam – and it’s cracking out around November kicks off the festive season in true scent heaven for me.

Sweet but not sickly, leaves a lasting trace and (best of all) products with the same scent are available year round… which prevents the panic stock up every Christmas Eve.

Real Christmas Trees

Although I’m not completely against fake trees (they definitely serve their own purpose and can be a tonne less faff) real Christmas trees bring with them that gentle pine scent.

It’s a smell that you never really pick up in the great outdoors – since there are so many other, overwhelming scents that take our attention – so to get up close and personal with the festive scent is refreshing. It’s also tied up with so many childhood memories of picking out a tree, squeezing it in the car and decorating the shiz out of it (before hoovering up the one million pine needles).


I’m not talking about cinnamon challenge levels of cinnamon – but a light sprinkle of cinnamon around this time of year makes everything warm and delicately spiced. As part of a dried orange wreath, baked into little gingerbread men or dusted onto morning porridge, cinnamon makes me feels wrapped up in the winter season.

This year I’ve seen a few cinnamon-esque room sprays and diffusers – many of which I’ve been tempted by.

Peppermint Creams

Another scent completely wrapped up in childhood nostalgia – peppermint creams half dipped in chocolate not only smell incredible, but they taste pretty darn great too. They remind me of my parent’ s open-house parties in December – warmth, happiness and love (maybe I finished typing that thinking ALOT about eating some peppermint creams…).

Anything peppermint does completely switch on my festive button, to be honest. I love Costa’s mint hot chocolate and a mint humbug goes down a treat (whether I’m feeling like Scrooge or not). Fresh but oh so festive.

I know the festive season might not be all about peppermint creams and chocolate orange body scrub, but it all snowballs toward that truly festive feeling, don’t you think?

Let me know your favourite festive scents in the comments – do you love the super sweet likes of Snow Fairy or do you prefer woody, relaxed scents?

Until tomorrow,


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